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2019 Film

 Fictitious Timeline 
 Fake events on real dates (6)
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  • 2018

    • June 30, 2018
      • While the Park family is camping, and the Kim family hangs out in their house, former housekeeper Gook Moon-gwang shows up on a dark and stormy night.
 Bogus Business Bureau 
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  • Coffee Shops

    • Coffee Land
      • New nearby coffee shop whose wi-fi the Kim family attempts to access for free.
  Trivia Questions 
 Test your fake knowledge (1)  

  • Trivia

    • What are the names of the Park family dogs?
      •  Zany, Bobo and Fiddle
         Fannie, Boozle and Fifi
         Zoonie, Berry and Foofoo

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