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2019 TV Series

 Bogus Business Bureau 
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  • Quotes

    • Blair & Chase
      • Blair: Okay, we need to get the first aid kit. Somebody needs to go now -
        Chase: Are you kidding me? It probably has like Spider-Man Band-Aids. That's not gonna do anything.
        (episode Brave New World)

    • Bonnie
      • Bonnie: This isn't a Sephora, sweetheart. (episode Many Goodly Creatures)

    • Chase
      • Chase: I'm small but I'm mighty. (episode The Insubstantial Pageant)

    • Warden
      • Warden: Act like a dog, end up on a leash, you understand? (episode The Insubstantial Pageant)
      • Warden: Well, fuck a dead armadillo, that's the truth. (episode The Dark Backward)
      • Warden: You're a funny little fucker. (episode The Insubstantial Pageant)

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