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2001 Film

 Bogus Business Bureau 
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  • Quotes

    • Harry Block
      • Harry Block: Liar, liar, pants on fire!
      • Harry Block: Great googa-mooga!
      • Harry Block: For the love of everything good and holy, get this goddamn thing out of me!
      • Harry Block: There's a fly in my suit!

    • Ira Kane
      • Ira Kane: Give me back my friend, you big sphincter!
      • Ira Kane: Let's shampoo us some aliens!
      • Ira Kane: Allow me to share something with the entire class. Last night as I was grading papers, I came across two gems both entitled "Cells are Bad" and both with just one paragraph which I unfortunately committed to memory: "Cells are bad. My uncle lives in a cell. It's ten foot by twelve and he has to read the same boring, old magazine everyday. The end." Although my standards are nowhere near where they used to be I could not bring myself to put As atop those beauties.

    • Nurse Tate, Dr. Paulson & Harry Block
      • Nurse Tate: I'll get the lubricant.
        Dr. Paulson: There's no time for lubricant!
        Harry Block: There's always time for lubricant!

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