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  • Hospitals

    • Mercy of Christ Memorial
      • This morning, the search for the fugitives known as the Devil's Rejects resulted in a violent clash with the police. The three suspects connected to the House of 1,000 Corpses murders, were stopped dead in their tracks today. All three suspects remain in intensive care at Mercy of Christ Memorial. Doctors say chances for survival are less than a million-to-one. May 23rd, 1978. This is the day three of the most infamous outlaws in the history of American crime, seemingly met their final fate. Twenty bullet wounds a piece. No one would have thought it possible that a single body could survive such a devastating onslaught of destruction, but they did.

  • Prisons

    • Bain County Correctional
      • Prison where Otis Otis Driftwood and killer clown Captain Spaulding are held for 10 years following their capture.

    • Tucker Farms
      • Correctional facility where Baby Firefly has been held for the last ten years since her capture.

  • TV News

    • 9 News Live
      • Local news team.

    • Channel 12
      • TV station with local news program that reports on Baby Firefly being held at the Tucker Farms correctional facility.

    • KVKY News
      • Local news team.

    • KVXT5 News
      • Local news team.

    • KZIP
      • Local news team.

    • News 3
      • Local news team.
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