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2019 TV Series

 Fictitious Timeline 
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  • 2019

    • April 13, 2019
      • Date of Alex's fundraiser for the New York Theater Development Fund: An evening of Broadway and music. (Season 1 episode No One's Gonna Harm You, Not While I'm Around)
 Bogus Business Bureau 
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  • TV Shows

    • The Morning Show
      • Morning TV talk show, TMS, featuring hosts Alex Levy and Mitch Kessler, until Mitch is terminated for sexual misconduct.
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  • Quotes

    • Cory Ellison
      • Cory Ellison: Good luck with that moral compass of yours. (Season 1 episode The Pendulum Swings)
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  • Trivia

    • What name is entered in Bradley Jackson's phone contacts for her mother? (Season 1 episode In the Dark Night of the Soul It's Always 3:30 in the Morning)
      •  Bitch
         That Woman
         Big Mama
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