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1998 Film

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  • Quotes

    • Darryl Zero
      • Darryl Zero: The words were similar but there was a new component this time: Desperation. When you spend enough time around the chemistry of desperation, you come to recognize the smell. One desperate element is combustible. More than one desperate element is lethal.
      • Darryl Zero: And though I never would have have anticipated it, in the end she did for me what I have done for so many. Helped solve a problem, first by observation, then by careful intervention. In other words: The Zero Effect.
      • Darryl Zero: So ends my account of the case that I have named The Case of the Man Who Got So Stressed-Out Over His Lost Keys That He Eventually Had a Heart Attack, and It Turned Out They Were in the Sofa All Along.
      • Darryl Zero: The bed we just moved is a full-size bed. In 1972, there was no size called full. They had doubles and queens. The full was invented to combine the width of a queen with the space-efficient length of a double, and eventually replaced the double in North America and Europe, except for Quebec and Sweden.
      • Darryl Zero: I've been awake for three days. Three! Just love those amphetamines. Got to love them. Got to.
      • Darryl Zero: Passion is the enemy of precision. Forget the misnomer crime of passion. All crime is passionate. It's passion that moves the criminal to act, that disrupts the static inertia of morality.

    • Gloria Sullivan
      • Gloria Sullivan: Are you going to come looking for me? Will you tell him about me so he can have somebody kill me? Because he will.
      • Gloria Sullivan: What doesn't kill you defines you.

    • Steve Arlo
      • Steve Arlo: You could meet him 5 times and not realize it's the same person. He can tell you where you were born, how old your mother was at the time, and what you had for breakfast, all within 30 seconds of meeting you. He can get a criminal to confess without his realizing he's being questioned.
      • Steve Arlo: What are you talking about? There aren't any good guys. You realize that, don't you? You realize there aren't evil guys and innocent guys. It's just a bunch of guys.
      • Steve Arlo: He has a deeply nuanced and functional understanding of human behavior to rival the great psychoanalytical minds of our time. He understands the criminal mind as well as the innocent mind, the stable mind as well as the psychotic, sociopathic mind, the male as well as the female.
      • Steve Arlo: He never meets his clients. He doesn't speak with them or communicate directly. It's his policy. I'm his sole representative, he's my only employer and I have full authorization to speak on his behalf on all his business.

    • Steve Arlo & Darryl Zero
      • Steve Arlo: Why are we talking on the phone?
        Darryl Zero: I told you. We can't be too careful. Two guys... in an airport... talking? It's a little fishy.
        Steve Arlo: Why are we even in an airport? Why don't we just leave?
        Darryl Zero: Okay, I see the confusion.
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