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  • Beer

    • Bärs Lager
      • Beer that Billy and Freddy buy.

  • Carnivals and Circuses

    • Chilladelphia Winter Carnival
      • Winter carnival in Philadelphia, site of the film's climactic battle.

  • Discount Stores

    • Bishop's Pawn Shop
      • Pawn shop where Billy fakes a break-in to lure the cops so he can use their cruiser's computer to find his mother's address.

  • Fitness Centers

    • Liberty Boxing Gym
      • Gym next door to Bishop's Pawn Shop in the Laurelwood Shopping Center.

  • Gas Stations

    • Milk-N-Mart
      • Convenience store next door to Bishop's Pawn Shop in the Laurelwood Shopping Center.

  • Industries

    • Sivana Industries
      • Thaddeus Sivana's father's company.

  • Newspapers

    • Daily Planet
      • Newspaper headline: SUPERMAN IS BACK.

    • Gotham Free Press
      • Newspaper clipping.

  • Primary Schools

    • Fawcett Central
      • Billy and Freddy's school. Nod to Fawcett City, city where Shazam lives in the comics, which is a referende to Fawcett Comics that published the original Captain Marvel comic series from which Shazam originated.

  • Realty Services

    • Penn City Real Estate
      • Real estate service that Billy and Freddy visit, looking for a secret lair.

  • Restaurants

    • Geno's Steaks
      • Policeman's lunch that Billy steals from the police cruiser outside Bishop's Pawn Shop.

  • Secret Organizations

    • The Council of Wizards
      • Mystical organization sworn to protect the realms from the Seven Deadly Sins.

  • Shopping Centers

    • Laurelwood Shopping Center
      • Home of Milk-N-Mart, Bishop's Pawn Shop and Liberty Boxing Gym.

  • Sporting Goods Stores

    • Bike Pirates
      • Bike shop where Billy first tests out his powers.

  • Strip Clubs

    • The Booty Trap Gentleman's Club
      • Strip club Billy checks out. "Free hot wings"

  • Toy Stores

    • Meridian Collectibles
      • Store on the Certificate of Authenticity for Freddy's bullet.

  • TV Stations

    • Galaxy Broadcasting System
      • News broadcast.
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