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2006 Film

 Bogus Business Bureau 
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  • Beauty Salons

    • Carol's Clip and Curl
      • Joke Jack makes when Eddie tells him he's going to open a bakery: First thing that doesn't go your way, you're gonna be slipping into Carol's Clip and Curl and stealing all her hair-care products. Because you're a thief.
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    • Jack Mosley
      • Jack Mosley: This is Detective Jack Mosley. Shield number 227. I guess this will be my last will and testament. This is for Diane. When this day is over, they're gonna come and talk to you about this, and they're gonna, they're gonna tell you what happened, Diane. But what they tell you is not really what happened here. So I hope that you get this. I was trying to do a good thing.

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