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2019 Film

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  • Artwork

    • Defeat of the hive
      • Painting of Agent High T and Agent H defeating the Hive with nothing but their wits and their Series 7 De-Atomizers, hanging in High T's office.

  • Communications Companies

    • We Care
      • Tech support call center where Molly Wright works prior to joining the Men in Black.

  • Criminal Organizations

    • Riza Stavros
      • Also known as The Merchant of Death. Alien gun runner, and Agent H's ex-girlfriend.

  • Drugs-Recreational

    • Zephos
      • Recreational drug that killed a 300 pound Jababian. The wrong amount will kill you instantly. The right amount will keep you dancing shirtless on a nightclub in Monacofor 17 hours.

  • Electronics

    • Neuralyzer
      • Device that Men in Black agents use to erase memories.

  • Newspapers

    • Daily World News
      • MiB version of Weekly World News.

  • Secret Organizations

    • Men in Black
      • Top-secret organization established to monitor and police alien activity on Earth.

  • Weapons

    • Series 7 De-Atomizer
      • MiB weapon. Legend has it that Agent High T and Agent H once saved the world from The Hive with nothing but his wits and a Series 7 De-Atomizer. This turns out to be a lie. Agent H was neuralyzed.

    • Snub-nosed Karzig Annihilator
      • Riza's weapon, which will, "boil you from the inside out."
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