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 Bogus Business Bureau 
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  • Beer

    • Brockman Pale Ale
      • Beer at Carl's house.

  • Communications Companies

    • Rathium
      • Data Center in Mexico City where the Rev-9 tracks Dani and her friends.

  • Computers

    • Legion
      • The new Skynet, since Sarah and John destroyed it in T2 Judgment Day.

    • Skynet
      • The A.I. that tries to wipe out humanity in the original timeline, now a new entity known as Legion.

  • Home Furnishing Stores

    • Carl's Draperies
      • The Terminator that killed John Connor had no further orders after killing John, so he got himself a family and started his own drapery business. "We never leave you hanging"

  • Robot Models

    • Rev-9 Model
      • Legion terminator sent to Mexico City to kill Dani Ramos.

    • T-800
      • Cyberdine Systems Terminator model 101 that kills John Connor, then sticks around and grows old as Carl, owner of a drapery business.

  • Vehicle Manufacturing Companies

    • Brius Motors
      • Automobile manufacturing plant where Dani and her brother work in Mexico.
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