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2014 Film

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  • Automotive Services

    • Tri-state Tire
      • Stores mentioned by radio DJ, where to buy raffle tickets for Mizzou football.

  • Bakeries

    • Gerson's Bakery
      • Nick takes Amy to the alley behind Gerson's Bakery, location of their first kiss.

  • Bodies of Water

    • Sawyer Beach
      • Beach that Nick mentions to police, where he went to read.

  • Books

    • Amazing Amy and the Humbled Husband
      • Fictional Amazing Amy book - joke Margot makes watching Amy being interview on TV.

    • The Complete Amazing Amy
      • 25 anniversary edition book, collection of childrens books written by Amy's mother.

  • Bookstores

    • City Books
      • Bookstore where Nick and Amy have sex.

  • Buildings

    • Meyer Bldg
      • Building in North Carthage, Missouri.

  • Casinos

    • Riverbend Casino
      • Advertised on billboard also advertising FINDAMAZINGAMY.COM.

    • Riverboat Casino
      • Amy meets old friend Desi Collings at the Riverboat Casino.

  • Cities-U.S.

    • North Carthage, Missouri
      • City where Nick and Amy live.

  • Electronics Stores

    • Lifestyle Robots
      • Website where Amy buys some of the items to create the appearance of money troubles.

  • Energy and Power Companies

    • N.C. Natural Gas
      • Company in North Carthage - file in Amy's home office.

  • Fast Food-Chicken

    • Wing Hut
      • Stores mentioned by radio DJ, where to buy raffle tickets for Mizzou football.

  • Financial Companies

    • Century Savings
      • Bank in North Carthage - file in Amy's home office.

    • Civic Mutual
      • Financial services company in North Carthage - file in Amy's home office.

  • Higher Education

    • MVCC
      • Nick teaches creative writing at the local community college.

  • Home Furnishings

    • Tessere
      • Brand of sheets Nick and Amy buy for each other.

  • Insurance Services

    • All Lives Life Insurance
      • Nick bumps up Amy's life insurance.

  • Legal Services

    • Bolt and Associates
      • Nick Dunne's lawyer Tanner Bolt's law firm.

  • Magazines

    • Middling Warlord Weekly
      • Joke Nick makes to Amy the night they first meet when she claims to be a warlord.

  • Manufacturing Companies

    • Meyer Supply Co.
      • Company in North Carthage, Missouri.

  • Nightlife

    • The Bar
      • Bar that Nick owns with his sister.

  • Police Departments

    • North Carthage Police
      • Police in North Carthage that investigate Amy's disappearance.

  • Realty Services

    • Amanda Cole Real Estate Co.
      • Real estate sign on the Dunne property.

    • Sternfield Exclusive Real Estate
      • Real estate sign on the Dunne property.

  • Recipes

    • Shawna Kelly's World Famous Chicken Frito Pie
      • Volunteer Shawna Kelly offers to cook for Nick, and snaps a selfie that makes him look like he's flirting.

  • Retirement Communities

    • Comfort Hill Assisted Living
      • Nick's father leaves Comfort Hill Assisted Living and is found wandering along Route 79.

  • TV News

    • 7 WNF
      • Nick's girlfriend Andie Fitzgerald comes forward at a press conference.

    • KHGF News 57
      • TV news van outside the Dunne residence. "Your best news source"

    • NNL
      • Reporter Ellen Abbott covers the Amazing Amy case on news station NNL.

  • TV Shows

    • Mystery in the Heartland
      • TV news special about Amy's disappearance, hosted by Sharon Schrieber.

    • The Real Housewives of Branson
      • Fictional TV show - Joke Tanner Bolt makes watching Amy being interviewed on TV.
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