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2006 Film

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  • Quotes

    • 1010 WINS News
      • 1010 WINS News: This is 1010 WINS news. February 5th, 2017. Britney Spears had her 23rd baby today. Proud father Kevin Federline says he's now considering getting a job. Also, Michael Jackson, the first man to clone himself, is now suing himself for molesting himself.

    • Michael Newman
      • Michael Newman [looking at his younger self]: Oh my God, Wolverine's goofy cousin.

    • Michael Newman, Prince Habeeboo & John Ammer
      • Michael Newman: Basically you want me to design you an Arabian hoochie house?
        Prince Habeeboo: How dare you compare Prince Habeeboo's Bikini Hut to this hoochie house?
        John Ammer: This's idea's got nothing to do with hoochies, Michael.

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