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1999 Film

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 Fake events on real dates (5)
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  • 1996

    • December 11, 1996
      • After unsuccessfully attempting to locate Nick Nightingale, Bill Harford returns to the mysterious mansion, where he is warned to stay away. He finds out about Mandy's overdose from a New York Post newspaper article, then learns of her death when he visits the hospital. Back home, he finds his mask from the party on his pillow and tells his wife Alice everything. While there is no date visible on the newspaper that Bill reads, there is an article about a real-life event that occurred on December 10, 1996, in which suspected bank robber Anthony Norman took a hostage aboard a Long Island Rail Road train car, characterizing the events as having happened "yesterday".
 Bogus Business Bureau 
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  • Rental Services

    • Rainbow Fashions
      • Costume rental shop where Bill Harford rents a costume for the party at the mysterious mansion.
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    • Dr. Bill Harford, Gayke & Nuala
      • Dr. Bill Harford: Now, where exactly are we going. exactly?
        Gayle: Where the rainbow ends.
        Dr. Bill Harford: Where the rainbow ends?
        Nuala: Don't you want to go where the rainbow ends?
        Dr. Bill Harford: Well, now that depends where that is.
        Gayle: Well, let's find out.
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  • Trivia

    • Book prominently displayed on the bookshelf in Domino's apartment.
      •  How to Win Friends and Influence People
         A Clockwork Orange
         Introducing Sociology
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