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  • Quotes

    • Edgelord
      • Edgelord: I'm Edgelord. I walk between the raindrops. (Season 2 episode A.E.G.I.S. and You)
      • Edgelord: Today is the first day of the rest of your life. But now, it's cooler. (Season 2 episode Hot Beige!)

    • Frank
      • Frank: You zapped Albert so hard he lost Tuesday. Like, as a concept. (Season 2 episode Magic is Real)

    • Joan of Arc & Arthur Everest
      • Joan of Arc: How do you know I'm not being mind controlled?
        Arthur: Because you're an asshole!
        (Season 2 episode Choose Love)

    • Overkill
      • Overkill: I'm not a genie. I'm an avenging avatar. I am the darkness within the light. (Season 2 episode Blood and Cake)
      • Overkill: The past is poison. Bury it in the glacier. (Season 2 episode A.E.G.I.S. and You)
      • Overkill: Welcome to the Club. The first rule of the club is: Shut up. (Season 2 episode Magic is Real)
      • Overkill: Welcome to the club. First rule of the club is shut up. (Season 2 episode Magic is Real)
      • Overkill: Bite me, blue man. (Season 2 episode Lei-Lo, Ho!)
      • Overkill: I've been trained to lock my problems in a mental glacier under a thousand tons of solid mind ice. (Season 2 episode Lesson One: Think Quick!)

    • The Tick & Arthur Everest
      • The Tick:You know what they say - third time's a charm, chum.
        Arthur Everest: Or a strikeout.
        The Tick: Arthur, we're not talking about bowling.
        Arthur Everest: Baseball.
        The Tick: How about hero ball, where every setback makes the victory that much sweeter?
        (Season 2 episode Lei-Lo, Ho!)

    • The Tick
      • The Tick: Remember - don't smoke, don't rob and don't kill. (Season 2 episode Categorically Speaking)
      • The Tick: Yahtzee!
      • The Tick: Goodnight Irene!
      • The Tick: That was an amazing nipple ride. I've never seen a paisley so complex! (Season 2 episode Choose Love)
      • The Tick: You may be a titan of tensile strength, but today you tussle with the Tick. (Season 2 episode A.E.G.I.S. and You)

    • Ty Rathbone
      • Ty Rathbone: Damn you, black hole heart. (Season 2 episode Hot Beige!)
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