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2016 Animated Film

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  • Quotes

    • Baby Carrot
      • Baby Carrot: For the love of shit, run!

    • Barry
      • Barry: Make it rain.

    • Brenda
      • Brenda: Yeah. Right, Carl. You really think any of these buns are gonna line up to get filled by you? Here's my impression of that happening: "Oh! Oh! Is he in there yet? Oh, I can't feel him! I don't think he's in there! Oh, wait he is!" It's so sad! I bet you jackrabbit for a quick fifteen seconds.

    • Douche
      • Douche: I sucked a juice box's dick, and I'm shoved up a God's asshole, and this is the weirdest thing that I've done so far, bro!
      • Douche: The G-O-D is D-T-D, dude. Down to douche!
      • Douche: Where's that fucking sausage? Because this douche is D-T-F-S-U. Down to fuck a sausage up!

    • Druggie
      • Druggie: Whoa! The bath salts are showing me the real world! It fuckin' lifted the veil of non-reality!

    • Firewater
      • Firewater: We the Non-Perishables created a story, the story of the Great Beyond. A place where the Gods care for you, and all your wildest and wettest dreams would come true.
      • Firewater: The world is a fucking illusion, bro. Our lives are being manipulated for the entertainment of monsters, twisted, tasteless, juvenile monsters, puppet masters in the other dimension! We're something called... Cartoons.
      • Firewater: The melody came to me one night when I was getting super, super, super baked. Like fuck-a-guy, baked. You know what I'm saying?

    • Frank
      • Frank: By the time tomorrow, we're all gonna be 5 inches deep in some bun, son.

    • Gum
      • Gum: I am sorbitol, maltitol, xylitol, mannitol, calcium, carbonite, soy lecithin, vegetable, triglyceride and talc. But, for expediency's sake. You can call me... Gum.
      • Gum: The human is no longer aware of the fourth dimension. The effects of the opiate have dissipated. Your speech and movements are imperceptible to him. We are totally fucked.

    • Lavash
      • Lavash: We will tell stories of your idiocy.
      • Lavash: I am Kareem Abdul Lavash! And what I currently care about is that I have been completely and utterly fucked out of being in the Great Beyond. I am to have 77 bottles of extra-virgin olive oil waiting for me. I am destined to soak up their sweet juices as they dribble down my flaps.

    • Teresa
      • Teresa: I'm not a soft taco, I'm a hard horny taco.

    • Troy
      • Troy: Well, Barry, I guess now you're weird and a pussy! Add that to your list of accomplishments.

    • Twink
      • Twink: Once you see that shit, it'll fuck you up for life. Good luck! Have fun!
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