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  • Trivia

    • Alias name Finch uses when Lou approaches him at a diner. (Season 2 episode All In)
      •  Harold Hornbill
         Harold Quail
         Harold Robin

    • Alias name that Finch gives the policeman asking for his license and registration. (Season 5 episode Synecdoche)
      •  Harold Ostrich
         Harold Osprey
         Harold Oriole

    • Alias name that Finch uses when he goes undercover as a patient of machine number and certified hypnotherapist Hayden Price. (Season 3 episode The Perfect Mark)
      •  Mr. Goose
         Mr. Wren
         Mr. Partridge

    • Alias that Finch uses with Nathan Ingram's son Will. (Season 1 episode Wolf and Cub)
      •  Harold Sparrowman
         Harold Falcone
         Harold Wren

    • Carter's son's father's name. (Season 3 episode Endgame)
      •  George

    • Detective Carter's informant that Elias pays to shoot her. (Season 1 episode Get Carter)
      •  Lunchbox

    • Detective Carter's son's name. (Season 1 episode Get Carter)
      •  Griffith

    • Elias' father Gianni Moretti's nickname back in the day. (Season 1 episode Flesh and Blood)
      •  The Sword
         The Dagger
         The Blade

    • Fake name for his non-existent childhood pet Finch gives machine number and certified hypnotherapist Hayden Price. (Season 3 episode The Perfect Mark)
      •  Boo

    • Finch calls in a fake tip to tip to the police under what name? (Season 3 episode Reasonable Doubt)
      •  Mr. Thrush
         Mr. Macaw
         Mr. Swan

    • Finch's alias for his Baylor Zimm investment account. (Season 1 episode Risk)
      •  Harold Starling
         Harold Crane
         Harold Warbler

    • Finch's alias name when he goes undercover as Omar Risha's lawyer. (Season 3 episode Allegiance)
      •  Mr. Kingfisher
         Mr. Jay
         Mr. Weaver

    • Finch's alias on the cell phone report that Fusco reviews. (Season 1 episode Super)
      •  Milton Eagleton
         Norman Burdette
         Sam Hawking

    • Finch's alias when he schedules an appointment with East Village Publishing, the publishing company owned by The machine's latest numbers - Daniel and Sabrina Drake. (Season 2 episode 'Til Death)
      •  Harold Crane
         Harold Crossbill
         Harold Crow

    • Finch's amateur storm chaser alias name. (Season 2 episode Proteus)
      •  Harold Waxbill
         Harold Gull
         Harold Warbler

    • Finch's blogger alias when he meets with Congressman Hallen. (Season 1 episode Number Crunch)
      •  James Monroe
         Benjamin Franklin
         Thomas Paine

    • Finch's former fiancée's name. (Season 1 episode No Good Deed)
      •  Grace

    • Finch's former partner's name - Reese's predecessor. (Season 3 episode RAM)
      •  Floyd

    • Finch's insurance salesman alias. (Season 1 episode Many Happy Returns)
      •  Harold Wren
         Harold Crow
         Harold Blackbird

    • Finch's new alias name for his new job as professor. (Season 4 episode Panopticon)
      •  Harold Babbler
         Harold Whistler
         Harold Warbler

    • Finch's New York Journal reporter alias name. (Season 1 episode Prophets)
      •  Harold Flamingo
         Harold Pigeon
         Harold Cardinal

    • Finch's Private Investigator alias. (Season 1 episode Identity Crisis)
      •  Harold Sandpiper
         Harold Crow
         Harold Featherstone

    • Finch's substitute teacher alias name. (Season 2 episode 2πR)
      •  Mr. Grebe
         Mr. Kingfisher
         Mr. Swift

    • Fusco's son's name. (Season 3 episode The Crossing)
      •  Harvey

    • John Greer's family's foxhound's name. (Season 3 episode Allegiance)
      •  Hirohito

    • Name of the lost dog on missing poster that machine number Claire Mahoney finds. (Season 4 episodes Nautilus, Q&A)
      •  Spike

    • Reese's alias name when he goes undercover at Anderson Rake Consulting to surveil machine number Alex Duncan. (Season 5 episode Truth Be Told)
      •  John Walker
         John Ranger
         John Texas

    • Reese's alias name. Hedge fund manager. (Season 2 episode One Percent) Flying to Rome. (Season 3 episode 4C)
      •  John Coyote
         John Wiley
         John Ethelbert

    • Reese's alias on his date with investigative journalist Maxine Angelis. (Season 2 episode Bury the Lede)
      •  John Anderson
         John Smith
         John Rhineheart

    • Reese's alias when goes undercover as a patient to learn more about the machine's latest number, a high-end psychologist named Caroline Turing. (Season 1 episode Firewall)
      •  John Rooney
         John Bueller
         John Schwartzman

    • Reese's alias when he goes undercover as Sofia Campos' new bodyguard. (Season 2 episode Masquerade)
      •  John Randall
         John Elias
         John Dante

    • Reese's investment banker alias name. (Season 2 episode Prisoner's Dilemma)
      •  John Stroehmann
         John Warren
         John Healy

    • Reese's new police detective alias name. (Season 4 episode Nautilus)
      •  Lord

    • Reese's pick for a new name for the Aryan Nation's ex-military Belgian Malinois dog. (Season 2 episode The Contingency)
      •  Tiger

    • Reese's police detective alias name. (Season 1 episode No Good Deed, Season 3 episodes Endgame, Beta)
      •  Detective Stills
         Detective Nash
         Detective Crosby

    • Root's alias name at Ridge Stone Psychiatric Facility (Season 3)
      •  Robin

    • The Aryan Nation's ex-military Belgian Malinois dog's name. (Season 2 episode The Contingency)
      •  Hughie

    • The name that Finch's fiancée Grace Hendricks knew him as. (Season 3 episode Beta)
      •  Harold Sparrow
         Harold Whistler
         Harold Martin

    • What song does Finch sing at machine numbers Will O'Brien and Phoebe Turner's wedding, while pretending to be Will's Uncle Ralph O'Brien? (Season 5 episode A More Perfect Union)
      •  ”Home Sweet Home” by Motley Crue
         ”We're Not Gonna Take It” by Twisted Sister
         ”Never Say Goodbye” by Bon Jovi

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