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  • Trivia

    • Aboard what ship did Picard rise to the rank of Captain when his Commanding Officer was killed in battle?
      •  Stargazer

    • At the after graduation party from the Starfleet Academy, Picard got into a fight with what race of creatures that led to a knife through his heart?
      •  Nausicaans

    • Captain Picard's fish.
      •  Churchill

    • Data's cat's name.
      •  Spot

    • Diana Muldaur, the actress that played character Dr. Pulaski, appeared on two Star Trek: The Original Series episodes. On which episode did she NOT appear?
      •  Return to Tomorrow
         Is There in Truth No Beauty?
         The Tholian Web

    • During "The Phase", a Betazoid woman's sex drive is what?
      •  Doubled
         "Out of this universe"

    • During the Klingon Civil War of 2368, which ship in Picard's armada was Data in command of?
      •  Starship Ryder
         Starship Norton
         Starship Sutherland

    • During which season does Guinan not appear?
      •  The 5th season
         The 3rd season
         The 1st season

    • The Enterprise's most frequently seen shuttle craft.
      •  Washington
         El Baz

    • Gene Roddenberry's middle name.
      •  Geordi

    • Guinan was named in honor of?
      •  American actress Texas Guinan
         Guinan County, Qinghai, China
         Bashkir poet Guinan Khairy

    • Husband of Lwaxana, father to Deanna.
      •  Ian Andrew
         Campio of Kostolain
         Tavnian Jeyal

    • In which season did Q not appear?
      •  The 6th season
         The 4th season
         The 5th season

    • In which season did Wesley Crusher not appear?
      •  1st

    • Jeffrey Combs originally auditioned for which role?
      •  William Riker
         Captain Picard

    • Q creates a female companion for which Enterprise crew member? (Season 1 episode Hide and Q)
      •  Data

    • Q was named after?
      •  British fan Janet Quarton
         NASA scientist Dr. Quentin Baghi
         Producer Lawrence Quigley

    • Rosalind Chao, the actress that played character Keiko O'Brien, originally read for which other part?
      •  Deanna Troi
         Tasha Yar
         Katherine Pulaski

    • Tasha Yar's original name.
      •  Macha Hernandez
         Jenette Goldstein

    • What does Picard tell Q in order to get him to return the Enterprise to a safe location? (Season 2 episode Q Who)
      •  He admits that he needs his help
         He tells him that he can be a member of the crew
         He orders him to do it

    • What is the only episode in which Data does not appear?
      •  Masks

    • What planet with a descending asteroidal moon is the Enterprise orbiting when Q surprises them? (Season 3 episode Deja Q)
      •  Angosia
         Angel One
         Bre'el IV

    • When Picard refuses to let Q join the crew, Q hurls the Enterprise across the galaxy, where they encounter whom? (Season 2 episode Q Who)
      •  Romulans
         The Borg
         The Xindi

    • Where in France is Captain Jean-Luc Picard from?
      •  Saint-Émilion
         La Barre

    • Who appears beside Q in the shuttlecraft, and tells him that he is impressed by his selfless act, gives Q his powers back, but warns that he'll be keeping an eye on him? (Season 3 episode Deja Q)
      •  Q3

    • Who is given Q's power and offered full membership in his continuum? (Season 1 episode Hide and Q)
      •  Captain Picard
         Wesley Crusher
         Commander Riker

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