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  • 1893

    • August 13, 1893
      • After being transported to the past, Data finds a copy of the San Francisco Register dated August 13, 1893 featuring a story about a cholera outbreak. (Season 6 episode Time's Arrow)
 Bogus Business Bureau 
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  • Vehicles-Space

    • U.S.S. Hood
      • Federation ship. Captain Robert DeSoto of the U.S.S. Hood was once ordered not to beam down to the surface of the planet Altair III with an away team because the excursion was considered too dangerous, and inappropriate for a commanding officer. (Season 1 episode Encounter at Farpoint)
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    • Jean-Luc Picard
      • Jean-Luc Picard: Things are only impossible until they are not!
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    • Husband of Lwaxana, father to Deanna.
      •  Ian Andrew
         Campio of Kostolain
         Tavnian Jeyal
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