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2006 TV Series

 Fictitious Timeline 
 Fake events on real dates (3)
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  • 1969

    • February

      • February 24, 1969
        • Monday. Jenna Maroney born. Also, Margarita Monday at Dockside Joe's.
        • Jenna's mom mentions that she spent hours giving birth to Jenna even though it was Margarita Monday at Dockside Joe's. (Season 4 episode Alien Hunter)
        • During the on-air tribute, a huge poster of Jenna is hung with her real birthday and death date. When Jenna sees that her real birth date is displayed, she comes out of hiding and appears on stage to cover the poster. (Season 3 episode Jackie Jormp-Jomp)

  • 2009

    • February

      • February 14, 2009
        • Valentine's Day. Liz has a disastrous first date with her neighbor Dr. Baird. (Season 3 episode St. Valentine's Day)

      • February 24, 2009
        • Since Tracy has never celebrated a birthday, Kenneth convinces Jenna to share her birthday party with him. Tracy Morgan: You were right, Ken. Birthdays are special. And now mine's over. And who knows when February 24th will come again? Now that warm, happy feeling is gone, there's no cake in my mouth, and that birthday wish is malarkey. Malarkey! (Season 3 episode Goodbye My Friend)
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