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2010 Film

Lists: Hot Tub Time Machine
 Bogus Business Bureau 
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  • Lodging

    • Silver Peaks Lodge
      • Hotel and ski resort.
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    • Jacob, Nick & Adam
      • Jacob: Time is not linear, we just perceive it that way!
        Nick: Like The Terminator! It's cyclical, right? The machines send Schwarzenegger back to kill Sarah Connor so that John Connor could never be born. But if John Connor don't send Michael Biehn back to protect her, then they never fuck, and John Connor ain't born in the first place!
        Jacob: It checks out.
        Adam: Yeah, that's pretty good.
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    • Rock band Poison was portrayed by what Poison tribute band from Phoenix, Arizona?
      •  Unskinny Bop
         #1 Bad Boys
         Fallen Angel
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