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1999 TV Series

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 Bogus Business Bureau 
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  • Books

    • The Adventures of James C. Adams, Mountaineer and Grizzly Bear Hunter of California
      • Josh Lyman: A book which if I was stuck with it on a desert island I still wouldn't read it. I believe I would eat this book before I read it.

  • Bookstores

    • Rare Books
      • Josh Lyman: "Where are you going? President Jed Bartlet: "To a place called Rare Books. You know what they sell? Josh Lyman: "Fishing tackle?.

  • Higher Education

    • Kennison State University
      • Fictional university in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, location of bombing. (Season 4)

  • Legal Services

    • Gage, Whitney & Pace
      • No description available

  • Movies

    • Prince of New York
      • No description available

  • Rehabilitation

    • Sierra Tuscon
      • Where Leo voluntarily committed himself for substance abuse issues.

  • TV News

    • Capital Beat
      • No description available
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