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 Fake events on real dates (35)
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  • 1970

    • August

      • August 8, 1970
        • Date of last report in the inspection log for the lifeboat that saves Richard Pine's life when the cruise ship Callas sinks. (Story: Survivor Type)

  • 1980

    • October

      • October 5, 1980
        • George's older brother Buddy breaks his leg during his Pony league championship baseball game. (story Gramma)

      • October 24, 1980
        • Date of Bridgton News article "Mystery of the Dead Fish" by Betsy Moriarty. "Hundreds of dead fish were found floating belly-up on Crystal Lake in the neighboring township of Casco late last week." (story The Monkey)

  • 1988

    • October

      • October 19, 1988
        • Announcement of the Jaunt - of working teleportation, a hammer stroke of worldwide excitement and economic upheaval. (story The Jaunt)

  • Annual Event or Year Unknown

    • January

      • January 24
        • The cruise ship Callas, carrying Richard Pine and the 2 kilos of heroin he smuggled out of Saigon, sinks. (Story: Survivor Type)

      • January 25
        • Date of memorial service for Russell Bowie, who died when he and Stewie McClelland took Stewie's Bombardier Skiddoo out on the Reach when it froze for the first time since 1938. The skidoo went into the Reach. Stewie managed to crawl out, losing one foot to frostbite. The Reach took Russell away. (story The Reach)

      • January 26
        • It has been two days since the cruise ship Callas sank and Richard Pine washed up alone on an island with 2 kilos of heroin. (Story: Survivor Type)

      • January 27
        • After his lifeboat drifts away, Richard Pine conducts inventory - four gallons of water, a sewing kit, a first-aid kit, a lifeboat inspection log, a pencil, two knives, one combination fork and spoon, matches and 2 kilos of pure heroin, street value $350,000. (Story: Survivor Type)

      • January 28
        • Richard Pine manages to kill a gull with a rock, and then he eats it. (Story: Survivor Type)

      • January 29
        • Richard Pine tries unsuccessfully to kill another gull. (Story: Survivor Type)

      • January 30
        • Richard Pine tries unsuccessfully to catch fish. (Story: Survivor Type)

      • January 31
        • Richard Pine manages to kill and eat another gull. (Story: Survivor Type)

    • February

      • February 1
        • Richard Pine trips in a hole while attempting to wave down a plane, fracturing his ankle. (Story: Survivor Type)

      • February 2
        • After building a HELP sign on the beach with rocks, Richard Pine begins to consider amputating his fractured foot, which is not healing well. (Story: Survivor Type)

      • February 3
        • Richard Pine's fractured foot gets worse, he gets closer to attempting amputation. (Story: Survivor Type)

      • February 4
        • Richard Pine hasn't eaten in four days. He snorts heroin and amputates his fractured foot. Then he eats it. (Story: Survivor Type)

      • February 5
        • Richard Pine recounts in his diary how he amputated his foot and ate it the day before. (Story: Survivor Type)

      • February 7
        • Richard Pine, stoned on heroin since he amputated his fractured foot and ate it, begins to consider that another operation may be necessary. (Story: Survivor Type)

      • February 8
        • Richard Pine stalks a plump gull, even manages to hit it with a rock, but loses it after chasing it into the water. (Story: Survivor Type)

      • February 9
        • Narrator receives a letter from the dean of Arts and Sciences saying he was flunking two or three courses in his major field. (story Nona) Richard Pine amputates his left foot, and then he eats it, telling himself, cold roast beef… (Story: Survivor Type)

      • February 11
        • Richard Pine eats a spider. (Story: Survivor Type)

      • February 12
        • Richard Pine eats kelp and seaweed from driftwood that washes up on the beach. (Story: Survivor Type)

      • February 13
        • Narrator receives a hesitant sort of letter from the girl, saying that she's planning to get married. (story Nona) Richard Pine kills and roasts a crab. (Story: Survivor Type)

      • February 14
        • Valentine's Day. Richard Pine notices that the storm washed away some of the rocks in his HELP sign. He makes the letters again. (Story: Survivor Type)
        • Valentine's Day. Narrator decides it's time for a change of scene, says goodbye to the college scene and hitchhikes west, where he meets Nona, and almost kills a trucker at Joe's Good Eats. (story Nona) Six inches of snow falls on Goat Island. "The snow came at last. Six inches on Valentine's Day, another six on the twentieth, and a foot in a good old norther on the leap, February 29." (story The Reach)

      • February 15
        • Richard Pine spots a gull but it takes off before he can attempt to kill it. (Story: Survivor Type)

      • February 17
        • Richard Pine amputates his right leg at the knee, losing a lot of blood. (Story: Survivor Type)

      • February 20
        • Six inches of snow falls on Goat Island. "The snow came at last. Six inches on Valentine's Day, another six on the twentieth, and a foot in a good old norther on the leap, February 29." (story The Reach)

      • February 23
        • Richard Pine eats a dead fish, rotten and stinking. (Story: Survivor Type)

      • February 28
        • A disoriented and delusional Richard Pine records one last entry in his diary before losing it completely, entering the impossible date of February 40th. (Story: Survivor Type)

      • February 28
        • Six inches of snow falls on Goat Island. "The snow came at last. Six inches on Valentine's Day, another six on the twentieth, and a foot in a good old norther on the leap, February 29th." (story The Reach)

    • June

      • June 30
        • Laundry workers Johnny Rocky Rockwell and Leo Edwards drive around, getting drunk and searching for an automobile inspection station. They find Bob's Gas & Service. (story Big Wheels: A Tale of the Laundry Game - Milkman #2)

    • July

      • July 19
        • The night that the worst heat wave in northern New England history finally broke, and the entire western Maine region was lashed with the most vicious thunderstorms David Drayton had ever seen. (story The Mist)

      • July 23
        • David Drayton writes down the story of the mist at the Howard Johnson's motel near Exit 3, while outside pink bugs tick and thump off the glass. (story The Mist)

    • November

      • November 19
        • Stella Flanders' birthday. (story The Reach)
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