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  • Bookstores

    • A. Smith's
      • Art book store where Henry sells his paintings for books.

    • Abelard Books
      • "Used & Rare Books". Local sponsor sign in Patience Memorial Field. (Season 2 episode Old Friends)

    • Adult Books
      • Generic adult bookstore in the vision Ned has when movie star Sara Sloane asks him to move to Hollywood with her. (Season 14 episode A Star is Born-Again)

    • The Android's Dungeon & Baseball Card Shop
      • Local collectibles shop in Springfield.
      • Selling Radioactive Man issue #1. (Season 2 episode Three Men and a Comic Book)
      • Bart asks if his Itchy & Scratchy animation cel is worth anything. It isn't. (Season 5 episode Lady Bouvier's Lover)
      • Bart buys the new Mad Magazine Special Edition that only comes out 15 times a year. (Season 7 episode Team Homer)

    • Barnes & Unstable
      • Fake bookstore from joke Brenner makes.

    • Bergman's Books
      • Dr. Benjamin Bloom discusses his new book Knowing Yourself - not Blowing Yourself, as initially reported - at Bergman's Books on a segment of Good Morning Columbus. (episode Willem Dafoe 2022)

    • Bernie's
      • The news vendor called Bernie's near the entrance to the park on the matriarchy world sells magazines Gentleman's Quarterly and the Sports Monthly swimsuit edition magazine, featuring men wearing tiny Speedos. (Season 1 episode The Weaker Sex)

    • Bibliophiles
      • Bookstore member discount program that Frasier mentions at at the register in bookstore where Niles takes him to meet a woman. (Season 9 episode Three Blind Dates)

    • Black & Bond Rare Books
      • Transaction listed on Owen Reynolds' One State Bank account statement. (Season 2 episode The Contingency)

    • Blast from the Past
      • Collectible and comic book shop where Casey goes to find out information about the Tomorrowland pin.

    • Bloom Books
      • Transaction on Becca's One State Bank account statement - the friend of machine numbers Will O'Brien that causes conflict on the day of is wedding to Phoebe Turner. (Season 5 episode A More Perfect Union)

    • The Book Man
      • Bookstore on Main Street in Eureka (Season 5 episode Just Another Day)

    • The Book Nook
      • Bookstore where Dr. Honey Snow is signing copies of her new book (Season 2 episode You Scratch My Book…)

    • Book Stew
      • Bookstore where Alvin's girlfriend Lisa works.

    • Book Universe
      • PA announces a signing at a book store on the station. (Season 1 episode Deathwalker)

    • Book-Lover's Discount
      • Bookstore member discount program that Frasier mentions at at the register in bookstore where Niles takes him to meet a woman. (Season 9 episode Three Blind Dates)

    • Bookaccino's
      • Bookstore from various episodes.
      • Bookstore that Marge and the kids visit. "We do not accept Bookaccino's gift certificates" (Season 15 episode Diatribe of a Mad Housewife)
      • Homer takes the family to stand in line at Bookaccino's bookstore to get a copy of the new book in the Angelica Button series - a female Harry Potter type character - called Angelica Button and the Deadly Denouement. (Season 19 episode Smoke on the Daughter)

    • Books Etcetera
      • Bookstore where Mr. James reads passages from his autobiography. Original title: Jimmy James: Capitalist Lion Tamer. New title after being translated into Japanese and back: Jimmy James: Macho Business Donkey Wrestler (Season 4 episode Super Karate Monkey Death Car)
      • (Season 1 episode Books from Beyond)

    • Books Inc.
      • Bookstore around the corner from the Aztec Theater where Itchy & Scratchy: The Movie is playing. (Season 4 episode Itchy & Scratchy: The Movie)

    • Books! Books! and Additional Books!
      • Bookstore where Homer and Marge go to get a romantic book. "Today's special: Michener $1.99/Lb." (Season 6 episode Grandpa vs. Sexual Inadequacy)

    • Brentano's
      • Bookstore.
      • Bookstore where Pam works, Jerry's new girlfriend that Kramer falls in love with. (Season 8 episode The Foundation)
      • Bookstore where George is forced to buy an impressionist painting book because he took it into the bathroom with him. (Season 9 episode The Bookstore)

    • Calendula Country Bookstore
      • Bookstore in California that Dr. Marlow Rhodes frequented. (Season 2 episode Treasure Island)

    • Cel-Out
      • Booth featured at the Totally sick, twisted, F***ed-Up Animation Festival, presumably selling animation cels. (Season 12 episode HOMR)

    • Charlie's Cards and Comics
      • Collectible store where George originally purchased an Eddie Banks baseball card for his young son's birthday.

    • Collectors Universe
      • Sports memorabilia store where Kramer sells George's birthday card signed by the entire Yankee organization for Steinbrenner. (Season 7 episode The Wink)

    • Comic Book Guy & Security Guard
      • New record added 3/30/2023
      • Comic Book Guy: This film is an embarrasment of Jar-Jarrian magnitude! As the writer, I demand to express my opinion.
        Security Guard: Ooh, I'm afraid that's not gonna happen.
        Comic Book Guy: I see. Well, I respect that... and Vulcan death grip!
        Security Guard: Hollywood ponytail yank!
        (Season 21 episode Homer the Whopper)

    • Comic Toast
      • Comic book store at the Eden Prairie Center shopping mall.

    • Commonwealth Books
      • Bookstore where Robert picks up the last book on his list of 100 books everyone must read, owned by the mother of the little girl that Robert saved in Turkey.

    • Coolsville Comics & Toys
      • New comic book store that opens across the street from the Android's Dungeon. (Season 19 episode Husbands and Knives)

    • Cubby's World of Comics
      • Vendor at sci-fi convention (Season 8 episode The Show Must Go Off)

    • Data Universal Newsstand
      • Newsstand on the Data Universal World, a world ruled by an automated credit agency. (Season 5 episode Please Press One)

    • Dewey Decimal Discount
      • Bookstore member discount program that Frasier mentions at at the register in bookstore where Niles takes him to meet a woman. (Season 9 episode Three Blind Dates)

    • Dr. Fantasy's
      • Comic book shop where Billy bought Hooded Menace issue #1.

    • Dust Jacket Gang
      • Bookstore member discount program that Frasier mentions at at the register in bookstore where Niles takes him to meet a woman. (Season 9 episode Three Blind Dates)

    • Eagan's Bookstore
      • Rembrandt buys a book called Good Things Happen to Bad People at Eagan's bookstore on the clone world. (Season 4 episode My Brother's Keeper)

    • Elmo's Bookstore
      • Used bookstore connected to Elmo's Drive-In. Mike and Marcia search for her lost diary there. (Season 1 episode The Possible Dream)

    • Farthing for Your Thoughts
      • The name of the bookstore where Diane borrows $500 to buy a rare signed first edition volume of Hemingway's The Sun Also Rises (Season 4 episode I Will Gladly Pay You Tuesday)

    • Frodo's
      • When Dr. Hibbert recommends that Comic Book Guy take a break from running his store on account of his cardiac episode, Comic Book Guy laments that he will lose business to his rival, Frodo's of Shelbyville. (Season 12 episode Worst Episode Ever)

    • Gilbert's Book Shop
      • Used bookstore where Carol and Cindy search for Marcia's lost diary. (Season 1 episode The Possible Dream)

    • Ginormous Pictures
      • New record added 3/30/2023
      • Movie studio that options rights to Comic Book Guy’s Everyman comic book. (Season 21 episode Homer the Whopper)

    • The Gnome Book store
      • "Specializing in occult & arcane works" (Episode Zelda the Great)

    • Hall & Books
      • Listing on Adair St. in the Greater Dallas Telephone Directory when Diego and Five are looking for Sir Reginald Hargreeves. (Season 2 episode The Frankel Footage)

    • Haven Comics Shop
      • Building that takes over the Haven Herald building after Duke changes the past (Season 3 episode Sarah)

    • Hennessey and Ingalls
      • No description available
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