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  • Animals/Creatures
    • Lub-Lub
      • No description available
  • Buildings and Landmarks
    • The Dark Fortress
      • Tod's fortress
    • Spengo Tower
      • Tallest building on Spengo (proposed). Twice as tall as the Sears Tower on Earth
  • Classes, Measurements and Types
    • Spengo-seconds
      • increment of time, appears to be very similar in length to Earth seconds
  • Electronics
    • Mind Milk Machine
      • It sucks your brains out, it takes your thoughts and mashes your brain.
  • Food
    • Hot Spiced Lub-lub In Heavy Grease
      • Planet Spengo's greatest delicacy
  • Magazines
    • Spengo Magazine
      • Magazine Margie reads while she's getting her hair done on Spengo
  • Moons
    • Little Dot
      • Tod's private moon where he plans to enjoy conjugal bliss with Marge as they watch her ex-planet being destroyed
  • Planets
    • Nomolos
      • one of the bird people mentions the 'the ice moon of Nomolos'
  • Thoroughfares-Roads
    • Old Ojai Road
      • the backroad Dick and Marge are driving down when they are abducted by Tod
  • Vehicles (Specific) - Cars and Trucks
    • The Death Cart
      • the vehicle that carries Tod's soldiers out into the desert to look for Earth-Dick
  • Weapons
    • The Death Ray Laser
      • The planet Spengo's super weapon built to destroy Earth
    • Love Potion
      • Tod tries to use the love potion on Marge, but General Afir switches it with water - Tod then uses it on General Afir, and he falls in love with Tod
    • The Magno Beam
      • Weapon Tod uses to bring Marge to him from Earth
  • Weapons-Explosives
    • Light Grenade
      • Pull the pin, set it down, whoever picks it up - pfft! Grenade remains, person disappears.

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