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  • Bars and Night Clubs
    • The Hangout
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  • Quotes
    • Gary
      • Gary: You're different. A guy gets to know things, who cares, who don't. You care. Not a mean bone in your body.
      • Gary: You wanna get laid, okay - later!
      • Gary: I shouldn't have drunk so much. I'm not ready. Damn it, I'm not ready.
      • Gary: Shut up bitch. I'm ready now.
      • Gary: Goddamn women. All you gotta do is lie there. A guy's gotta do all the work.
      • Gary: You got a nice body. I admire people who keep in shape. I work out all the time. In my neighborhood, if you didn't fight you were a fruit. In prison you didn't fight, you spread ass.
    • James
      • James: I love you!
    • James' Mother
      • James' Mother: What's a matter big boy? Can't you get it up?
    • Katherine
      • Katherine: Safecracker - slang for an abortionist.
    • Man At Bar
      • Man at Bar: Hey baby, still in the first grade?
    • Martin
      • Martin: It's not very sporting for the mistress of a married man to be jealous.
      • Martin: Next time, fireworks. Just a little premature.
      • Martin: I'm not angry. I'm not disappointed. I just can't stand a woman's company just after I fucked her.
      • Martin: I hurt you?
    • Theresa
      • Theresa: Do it, do it, oh, oh god.
      • Theresa: Don't stop, don't stop, all I want, everything, everything.
      • Theresa: Maybe it's me. Whatever, it's not your fault, it happens.
      • Theresa: Well, why'd you stop? Did you? Is it over? It was just getting so nice. Was it me? Was it my fault? Did I do something wrong?
      • Theresa: Now. Okay, now. Now!
      • Theresa: It's still hard! How could you hold back?
      • Theresa: Excuse me, could we talk together for a moment, just a moment? There's a guy back there that won't leave me alone.
      • Theresa: I'd rather be seduced than comforted.
      • Theresa: I wonder why it is after we make love we never talk or touch or anything.
      • Theresa: Oh, you are a con man!
      • Theresa: A man is a wonderful thing.
      • Theresa: Don't love me, just make love.
    • Tony
      • Tony: You like that, huh?
      • Tony: Lookin' for me?
      • Tony: I'm gonna make you an offer you can't refuse... You and me in bed.
      • Tony: What do you want?

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