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L.A. CONFIDENTIAL (39) 1997 Film
  • Bars and Night Clubs
    • Formosa
      • No description available
    • Frolic Room
      • No description available
  • Dates
    • January 16, 1953
      • Tony Brancato and Anthony Trombino get gunned down on January 16, 1953.
    • January 21, 1953
      • Deuce Perkins is gunned down in his Brentwood home on January 21, 1953.
    • January 26, 1953
      • Shoot-out between the Nite Owl killers and the police.
  • Dating, Escort and Sex Services
    • Fleur-de-Lis
      • Features hookers that are cut to look like movie stars
  • Islands
    • McNeil Island
      • No description available
  • Liquor Stores
    • Nick's Liquor
      • Where Russel Crowe first sees Kim Basinger.
  • Lodging-Motels
    • Hollywood Center Motel
      • No description available
    • Victory Motel
      • No description available
  • Magazines-Entertainment
    • Hush Hush Magazine
      • Danny DeVito's Magazine that paid Jack off to make high profile celebrity arrests.
  • Newspapers
    • Los Angeles Examiner
      • No description available
  • Quotes
    • Bud White
      • Bud White: What do I get if I give you your balls back, you wop cocksucker?
    • Bud White & Ed Exley
      • Bud White: The Night Owl case made you. Do you want to tear all that down?
        Ed Exley: With a wrecking ball. You want to help me swing it?
    • Bud White & Lynn Bracken
      • Bud White: I'd like to see you again.
        Lynn Bracken: Are you asking me for a date or an appointment?
        Bud White: I don't know.
        Lynn Bracken: Well if you're asking me for a date, I should know your first name.
        Bud White: Forget I asked. It was a mistake.
    • Captain Dudley Smith
      • Captain Dudley Smith: I doubt you've ever taken a stupid breath. Don't start now.
    • Dick Stensland
      • Dick Stensland: My partner stopped to help a damsel in distress. He's got his priorities all screwed up.
    • Dick Stensland & Bud White
      • Dick Stensland: I got a hot date.
        Bud White: Yeah? Who is she and what did you arrest her for?
    • Dudley Smith
      • Dudley Smith: Our justice must be swift and merciless.
      • Dudley Smith: Go back to Jersey, Sonny. This is the City of the Angels and you haven't got any wings.
      • Dudley Smith: Hold up your badge, so they'll know you're a policeman.
      • Dudley Smith: I admire you as a policeman, particularly your adherence to violence as a necessary adjunct to the job.
      • Dudley Smith: I wouldn't trade places with Edmund Exley right now for all the whisky in Ireland.
      • Dudley Smith: I'd like full and docile co-operation on every topic.
    • Dudley Smith & Bud White
      • Dudley Smith: You'll do as I say, and ask no questions. Do you follow my drift?
        Bud White: In technicolor, sir.
    • Ed Exley
      • Ed Exley: I'm talking about the gas chamber, and you haven't even asked me what this is about. You've got a big 'Guilty' sign around your neck.
    • Ed Exley & Ray Collins
      • Ed Exley: I heard you like to shoot dogs.
        Ray Collins: Dogs got no reason to live.
    • Jack Vincennes
      • Jack Vincennes: Oh, great. You get the girl, I get the coroner.
      • Jack Vincennes: Oh, lookee here, the great jerk off case of 1953.
    • Jack Vincennes & Dudley Smith
      • Jack Vincennes: Are you sure Golden Boy is up to the task, Cap?
        Dudley Smith: Oh, I think you'd be surprised what the lad is capable of.
    • Jack Vincennes & Girl
      • Jack Vincennes: I'm the technical advisor. I teach Brett Chase how to walk and talk like a cop.
        Girl: Brett Chase doesn't walk and talk like you.
        Jack Vincennes: Well, that's 'cause he's the television version. America isn't ready for the real me.
    • Lynn Bracken
      • Lynn Bracken: I see Bud because I want to. I see Bud because he can't hide the good inside of him. I see Bud because he treats me like Lynn Bracken and not some Veronica Lake look-alike who fucks for money.
    • Lynn Bracken & Bud White
      • Lynn Bracken: You say fuck a lot.
        Bud White: You fuck for money.
      • Lynn Bracken: There's blood on your shirt. Is that an integral part of your job?
        Bud White: Yeah.
        Lynn Bracken: Do you enjoy it?
        Bud White: When they deserve it.
        Lynn Bracken: Did they deserve it today?
        Bud White: I'm not sure.
        Lynn Bracken: But you did it anyway.
        Bud White: Yeah, just like the half dozen guys you screwed today.
        Lynn Bracken: Well, actually, it was only two.
      • Lynn Bracken: You're the first man in five years who didn't tell me I look like Veronica Lake inside of a minute.
        Bud White: You look better than Veronica Lake.
    • Sid Hudgens
      • Sid Hudgeons: Off the record, on the QT, and very hush-hush.
    • Sid Hudgens & Jack Vincennes
      • Sid Hudgens: It's Christmas Eve in the City of Angels and while decent citizens sleep the sleep of the righteous, hopheads prowl for marijuana not knowing that a man is coming to stop them! Celebrity crimestopper Jack Vincennes, scourge of grasshoppers and dopefieds everywhere! Ya like it, Jackie-Boy?
        Jack Vincennes: Yeah. Subtle.
  • Restaurants-Other
    • Nite Owl
      • No description available
  • TV Shows
    • Badge of Honor
      • The TV Show Jack (Kevin Spacey) advised.

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