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  • Amusement Parks
    • Jurassic Park
      • Theme park on Isla Sonora that was destroyed in the first movie.
    • Jurassic Park: San Diego
      • New theme park almost created in California.
  • Islands
    • The Five Deaths / Las Cinco Muertes
      • Chain of five islands southwest of Costa Rica.
    • Isla Matanceros
      • One of the islands in the Five Deaths island chain.
    • Isla Muerta
      • One of the islands in the Five Deaths island chain.
    • Isla Nublar
      • Location of the now defunct Jurassic Park amusement park.
    • Isla Pena
      • One of the islands in the Five Deaths island chain.
    • Isla Sorna
      • One of the islands in the Five Deaths island chain. Isla Sonora is Site B, the second island where John Hammond's company, InGen, created dinosaurs.
    • Isla Tacaño
      • One of the islands in the Five Deaths island chain.
  • Movies
    • Jack And The Behnstacks
      • Fake movie poster featuring Robin Williams at Blockbuster Video in San Diego.
    • King Lear
      • Fake movie poster featuring Arnold Schwarzenegger at Blockbuster Video in San Diego.
    • Tsunami Sunrise
      • Fake movie poster featuring Tom Hanks at Blockbuster Video in San Diego.
  • Quotes
    • Eddie Carr
      • Eddie Carr: I loaded it with enhanced venom from Conus purpurascens: South Sea cone shell. Most powerful neurotoxin in the world. Acts within 0.002 of a second. Faster than nerve-conduction velocity. So the animal's down before it even feels the dart.
    • Ian Malcolm
      • Ian Malcolm: So you went from capitalist to naturalist is just four years, that’s… something.
      • Ian Malcolm: Oh yeah ooh and ahh, that’s how it all starts, and then later, there’s running, and screaming.
  • Technology Companies
    • InGen BioEngineering
      • Technology company that cloned the dinosaurs for Jurassic Park.
  • Vehicles (Specific) - Nautical
    • S.S. Venture
      • Freighter that transports the T. Rex to California, a tribute to the boat with the same name from King Kong.

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