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BALLS OF FURY (21) 2007 Film
  • Airlines
    • Haiku Cargo
      • Japanese corporation with a hangar at John Wayne Airport.
  • Amusement Park Attractions
    • Eerie Canals
      • Haunted water slide ride at.the water themed amusement park next door to Randy's father's graveyard.
  • Bus Lines
    • Rapid Charter
      • Busline that Randy and team ride not the first leg of the trip to Feng's secret ping-pong tournament.
  • Programs and Projects
    • Operation Ping-pong
      • Agent Ernie Rodriguez's FBI operation to catch Feng.
  • Quotes
    • Dragon
      • Dragon: This is not over yet, whitey!
      • Dragon: May Wong's School of Table Tennis last 1,000 years. Or at least until the lease is up in August.
    • Feng
      • Feng: Ping-Pong, or, as the Chinese say, "Ping-Pong," sport of emperors and bandits alike. I have assembled today, for your entertainment pleasure, the most talented table tennis athletes from around the globe. Legends, every one.
      • Feng: Okie-dokie artichokie. First of all, I know getting here was the commute from hell. I have to be a smidge off the beaten track here.
      • Feng: You people sound like a broken record. "You killed my so-and-so," and, "You murdered what's-his-face," "I demand..." Blah-blah-blah. Get over it.
    • Maggie Wong
      • Maggie Wong: Randy, I'm trying to sacrifice my life for our love. Stop being such a dick!
    • Mister Wong
      • Mister Wong: Real Ping-Pong is not played for trophies. It is played in the shadows, in dark alleys and backrooms for hard cash and cheap, ugly women.
      • Mister Wong: To strengthen the body and not the mind is to build a temple on shifting sand.
      • Mister Wong: Ping-Pong is not the Macarena. It takes patience. She is like a fine, well-aged prostitute. It takes years to learn her tricks. She is cruel. Laughs at you when you are naked. But you keep coming back for more and more. Why? Because she is the only prostitute I can afford.
      • Mister Wong: Maggie! Your temper brings dishonor to my Happy Mu Shu Palace.
      • Mister Wong: He played table tennis like the devil in short shorts.
      • Mister Wong: Welcome to the underbelly of Ping-Pong. Where fortunes are won and lost. I'm exaggerating, of course, but you get my point. People bet on Ping-Pong here.
    • Mysterious Asian Man
      • Mysterious Asian Man: Mr. Daytona. Your balls have been tempered in the fury of hell's Dragon.
  • Restaurants-Asian
    • Mister Wong's Happy Mu Shu Palace
      • The world's greatest ping-pong instructor Mister Wong's restaurant. "If Mu Shu fits, wear it."
  • Restaurants-Other
    • The Peppermill
      • Restaurant where Randy performs a ping-pong related set when the story begins. "Reno's Premier Hotel Casino"
  • Schools-Performing Arts
    • Wong's School Of Table Tennis
      • Wong's new ping-pong school, now open to gweilo.
  • Sporting Events
    • Table Tennis Regionals And Pancake Breakfast
      • Ping-pong tournament where FBI Agent Ernie Rodriguez takes Randy - and he loses to "Hammer".

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