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6 UNDERGROUND (20) 2019 Film
  • Books-Reference
    • Easy Turkmen In 5 Minutes
      • Book Three reads. "Feel like a Turkmen".
  • Buildings and Landmarks
    • Ni Hai Towers
      • Hong Kong penthouse prison for Rovach's brother.
  • Cities and Towns
    • Dezar, Turgistan
      • City in Turgistan that Rovach mentions when he thinks he is being rescued.
    • Tyrus, Turgistan
      • Capital of Turgistan.
  • Clothing and Accessories
    • The Kalihari
      • Jewels that Four was stealing when he "died".
  • Consultants
    • Manchester & Farquarson Consulting
      • Fake consulting company, One and Seven's cover when they infiltrate the Turgistan power station. "Inspection is our business".
  • Countries
    • Turgistan
      • One's plan is to bring democracy to the fictional country of Turgistan by taking down its evil dictator.
  • Dates
    • November 8, 2019
      • Date of New York Times headline: DICTATOR MURDERS 100'S.
  • Dates-Annual
    • May 14
      • Date on birth certificate from opening credits, presumably One's.
  • Electronics
    • Neodymium
      • Micro magnets that made One very, very rich.
  • Languages
    • Turkmen
      • Language spoken in Turgistan.
  • Orphanages
    • Lucky B Orphanage
      • Orphanage in photograph from opening credits, presumably One's.
    • St. Anthony's Orphanage
      • Orphanage listed on birth certificate from opening credits, presumably One's.
  • Programs and Projects
    • Operation Black Light
      • CIA project name visible during opening credits, presumably which One was associated with.
  • Quotes
    • One
      • One: We're all gonna die. We might as well do it while we're alive.
      • One: I feel like a Jedi.
    • Three
      • Three: Hot mask... in a Darth Vader's daughter kind of way.
    • Three & One
      • Three: You and your Bruce Wayne shit.
        One: Boo
    • Two & Three
      • Two: Just stay behind me.
        Three: Yes, Miss Vader.
  • Vehicles (Specific) - Nautical
    • Kismet
      • Rovach's yacht.

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