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THE SHAPE OF WATER (16) 2017 Film
  • Dates-Annual
    • September 17
      • Date Elisa rips off the daily wall calendar. Daily Thought on the back of the page: Time is but a river flowing from our past.
    • October 9
      • Date Elisa rips off the daily wall calendar, revealing October 10, the date she planned to take the amphibian man to the docks. Daily Thought on the back of the page: Life is but the shipwreck of our plans.
    • October 10
      • Date Elisa planned to take the amphibian man to the docks.
  • Furniture Products
    • Laughton Lamps & Lighting Shop
      • Lamp store near Elisa's apartment.
  • Institutes
    • Occam
      • Research facility where Elisa works.
  • Jewelry Stores
    • Honest Joe's
      • Jewelry store near Elisa's apartment. "We buy old gold."
  • Laundry, Dry Cleaning and Tailoring
    • Wash-A-Matic Laundries
      • Official laundry service of the Occam research facility in Baltimore City.
  • Movie Theaters
    • Orpheum
      • Movie theater below Elisa's apartment, playing: The Story of Ruth and Mardi Gras.
  • Orphanages
    • Our Lady Of Sorrows
      • Elisa's orphanage in Putnam.
  • Quotes
    • Giles
      • Giles: So what if he's alone? We're all alone.
      • Giles: If I could go back, to when I was eighteen I didn't know anything about anything. I'd give myself a bit of advice. I would say. Take better care of your teeth and fuck a lot more.
    • Strickland
      • Strickland: This candy. It's cheap candy. I love it ever since I was a kid. Some folks favor more sophisticated snacks, nougat center and all that fu-fu shit. But not me, Bob. This is it for me. Now. Sometimes, if I'm feeling anxious I just bite right into it. But mostly, I take my time. I make it last. Names, ranks and location of the strike team. Names! Ranks! Now!
      • Strickland: Look, don't touch. That lovely dingus right there is an Alabama Howdy-do. Molded grip handle. Low-current, high-voltage electric shock cattle prod. Name's Strickland, Security. Fleming's security.
  • Repair Services
    • Marlboro TV
      • Television & Electrical Appliance repair store near Elisa's apartment.
  • Restaurants-Other
    • Dixie Doug's
      • Restaurant where Giles takes Elisa.
  • Shoe Stores
    • Hendry's Shoes
      • Shoe store near Elisa's apartment.

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