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  • Apartment and Condos
    • Rancho Silverlake Apartments
      • Sam's apartment complex.
  • Bars and Night Clubs
    • Crypt Club
      • Music club underneath a mausoleum where Sam and Balloon Girl go when he asks her about Sarah. Filmed in the Bronson Caves in Griffith Park.
  • Breakfast Cereal
    • Spacestones
      • Sweetened cereal. Box that Comic Man shows Sam when they discuss hidden words and symbols in advertising. The box contains a treasure hunt map that Comic Man is convinced is the key to everything he's been searching for his whole life.
  • Cleaning Products
    • Three Sisters Cleaning Products
      • Store-wide sale going on the store where Sam emerges from the bomb shelter.
  • Comic Books
    • Under The Silver Lake
      • Comic book Sam reads.
  • Dating, Escort and Sex Services
    • Shooting Star Escorts
      • Do you want a blow-job from the supporting actress Academy Award nominee from last year? Call Shooting Star. Or do you want to do it with girlfriend of the lead in the biggest sitcom? Call Shooting Star.
  • Musicians
    • Jesus And The Brides Of Dracula
      • Sam follows clues he finds hidden in the song lyrics of the band Jesus and the Brides of Dracula.
    • The Songwriter
      • A fabulously wealthy old man who claims to have written most of history's popular songs.
  • Pamphlets
    • The Hobo Guide
      • Pamphlet that Comic Man shows Sam when Sam asks him about the symbol he found in the empty apartment. Used by hobos to let people know who was cool, who wasn't, what houses offered food, if there was a doctor in town that might be sympathetic to travelers, that sort of thing.
  • Personal Care Products
    • Optique Lenses
      • Billboard off Los Feliz right near the Bigfoot featuring a friend of Sam's. Slogan: "I can see clearly now"
  • Pizza Parlors
    • Tomato Pie
      • Pizza box in Sam's refrigerator.
  • Quotes
    • Allen
      • Allen: Crazy makes for good sex. Remember that.
    • Final Man
      • Final Man: This isn't a world that anyone with any sense stays in or spends much time worrying about. You're living a carnival, throwing little plastic rings at oversized pop bottles hoping to win a prize. What are you gonna win? A two week vacation? A new car? A little money to retire on? It's all just a shitty sawdust filled rabbit. The things you care about are useless where we're going.
    • Final Man & Sam
      • Final Man: It's not about a burial. It's about ascension. We're not dying, we'll be transported to another world, somewhere better than this.
        Sam: Are you talking about heaven?
        Final Man: No. I'm talking about something exclusive and real. Our souls are gonna be pulled from our bodies and carried through this unfathomable amniotic sac. We will be beyond this universe, living together like kings, without limitation. The pharaohs did it. Great men throughout the history have done the same.
    • The Homeless King
      • The homeless king: Coyotes are blessed creatures. If you ever find yourself alone with a coyote, you don't run away. You follow it, see where it takes you. People say that we own land. The streets, the gardens, the hills, the houses and the caves. Everything belongs to the coyotes. They just let us use it.
    • Sam & Comic Man
      • Sam: Okay. So if there're messages that aren't subliminal, but that are meant only for certain people?
        Comic Man: Of course. That's as common as tits and hamburgers.
    • Sam & Final Man
      • Sam: Are you dying?
        Final Man: No, but I'll be sealed in a tomb with my beautiful brides and all with my worldly possessions, and we are going to have delicious meals, and wine, and television, and sex, enough to last six months.
        Sam: And then you die?
        Final Man: No. We wait to be ascended. Only the richest of men can afford this ceremony. It's expensive to build a tunnel system and keep it hidden. But it costs much more to murder people without being harassed about it.
    • Sarah & Sam
      • Sarah: I think someone's been following me.
        Sam: Are you kidding?
        Sarah: I wanted it to look like we're here to screw.
        Sam: We're not?
    • Songwriter
      • Songwriter: Everything that you hoped for, that you dreamed about being a part of, is a fabrication. Your art, your writing, your culture is the shell of other men's ambitions. Ambitions beyond what you will ever understand.
      • Songwriter: But I don't care what's fashion or cool. It's all silly and it's all meaningless. I created so many of the things that you care about. The songs that give your life purpose and joy. When you were 15 and rebelling, you were rebelling to my music.
  • Serial Killers
    • The Owl's Kiss
      • With an owl's face and the nude body of a slender, young woman, The Owl's Kiss breaks into homes without a sound and murders people in their sleep.
  • Songs
    • Surrounded By A Dove
      • Song by Jesus and the Brides of Dracula, B-side on the 45 RPM single for "Turning Teeth".
    • Turning Teeth
      • Sam decodes a hidden message in the lyrics of the Jesus and the Brides of Dracula song "Turning Teeth". The message: "Rub Dean's and wait under Newton". He later confronts Jesus, who admits that he didn't actually write the song, that the record label gave it to him to record. Sam figures out that it was written by the Songwriter.
    • Waltz Of The Christian Shit Farmers
      • One of the three songs that Jesus tells Sam the record label forced him to record.
    • Wire Mountain
      • One of the three songs that Jesus tells Sam the record label forced him to record.
  • Tobacco Products
    • Morley Cigarettes
      • Sam smokes Morley CIgarettes.

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