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BRIGHTBURN (21) 2019 Film
  • Breakfast Cereal
    • Sugar Rice Pops
      • Brandon's breakfast cereal.
  • Cities and Towns - U.S.
    • Brightburn, Kansas
      • Rural town in Kansas.
  • Databases
    • Metrorological Anomaly Database
      • Website Tori researched to learn more about the any celestial phenomenon over Brightburn, Kansas in 2006, when Brandon arrived.
  • Diners
    • Darbo's Family Grill
      • Iconic route 74 diner where Erika Connor worked.
  • Essays and Reports
    • The Decline Of Truth And Justice In The Modern World
      • The title of the essay that Caitlyn is writing when Brandon pays her a visit in her bedroom.
  • Hospitals
    • Brightburn Memorial Hospital
      • Name on ambulance at the Breyer residence following the plane crash.
  • Middle Schools
    • Brightburn Middle School
      • Scenes shot at Patrick Henry High School in Stockbridge, Georgia.
  • Police Departments
    • Brightburn County Sheriff
      • No description available
  • Quotes
    • Kyle Breyer
      • Kyle Breyer: He is not our son. He is something we found in the woods.
    • Tori Breyer
      • Tori Breyer: you will always be my baby boy.
  • Sports Teams-Mascots
    • Brightburn Eagles
      • Brandon's school mascot.
  • TV Stations-News
    • CTZ
      • Lead story: "Brightburn seen above Kansas forest fires"
    • NVB
      • Lead story: "Mysterious figure destroys office building in Brightburn."
    • NXC
      • Lead story: "Strange symbol discovered - what does it mean?"
  • TV Stations-Numbers
    • Channel 42
      • TV station with local news program.
  • Videos
    • 3 Ways To Know If You Are A Clone
      • Video on Truth Bomb website.
    • Aliens In The Desert
      • Video on Truth Bomb website.
    • Brightburn Mystery Exposed
      • Video on Truth Bomb website.
    • PROOF: We Are Being Visited By Time Travelers
      • Video on Truth Bomb website.
  • Websites
    • Truth Bomb
      • Conspiracy website featuring host played by Michael Rooker, who compares the Brightburn video footage to other mysterious figures that resemble a dark version of some of the characters from the Justice League from DC Comics, including a sea creature (Aquaman), a witch strangling people with ropes (Wonder Woman) and an alien being (Martian Manhunter).
  • Words, Phrases, Slang
    • Yychhagaro
      • Yychhagaro means "take" in Brandon's alien language, as in, "Take the world".

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