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THE GIFT (25) 2000 Film
  • Bars and Night Clubs
    • Ay Jay's
      • No description available
  • Cities and Towns - U.S.
    • Brixton
      • The Gift takes place in a town called Brixton.
  • Energy Companies
    • Reinhold Cable Plant
      • No description available
  • Newspapers
    • Brixton Daily Record
  • Quotes
    • Annie Wilson & Buddy Cole
      • Annie Wilson: Hon, you need to talk about your daddy.
        Buddy Cole: Why don't you tell me why I hate him? You're the goddamn psychic. Huh? You're the goddamn psychic!
      • Annie Wilson: I thought you were supposed to be in the hospital.
        Buddy Cole: I escaped, Mrs. Wilson. I'm free.
    • Buddy Cole
      • Buddy Cole: This here's a criminal and he's gonna be punished!
      • Buddy Cole: It's too late for that! It's too goddamn late!
      • Buddy Cole: You're the soul of this town, Mrs. Wilson.
      • Buddy Cole: It's too late for that! It's too goddamn late!
      • Buddy Cole: Every kid needs a hit with a belt sometime.
    • Buddy Cole & Annie Wilson
      • Buddy Cole: If I look into a blue diamond and I think a negative thought am I gonna die?
        Annie Wilson: No. You're not gonna die. You're not gonna die, Buddy.
      • Buddy Cole: Can you tell me why I do things to myself when I think about my daddy?
        Annie Wilson: All right, well. Bud, you can call me later, hon, and we'll talk, all right?
        Buddy Cole: I need to talk to you!
        Annie Wilson: Buddy.
        Buddy Cole: I've been thinking about my daddy and I've been touching myself.
        Annie Wilson: Touching yourself? How?
        Buddy Cole: Why do I do that?
        Annie Wilson: It's not a good time.
        Buddy Cole: Something's bad wrong with me!
        Annie Wilson: Look, Buddy.
        Buddy Cole: And I, I keep thinking about that blue diamond.
        Annie Wilson: You look into the blue diamond, you won't think a negative thought, I promise. Now, hon, I'm going through a hard time myself. I'm, I just, I can't talk to you now, okay.
    • Buddy Cole, Miller Wilson & Donnie Barksdale
      • Buddy Cole: Hey Miller, you all right?
        Miller Wilson: He said mama's a witch and they're gonna burn her up.
        Buddy Cole: Oh, did he?
        Donnie Barksdale: Buddy, you better mind your own business.
        Buddy Cole: I intend to, Donnie.
        Donnie Barksdale: Motherfucker!
        Buddy Cole: Goddamn it, fuck.
        Donnie Barksdale: Look, fucker!
        Buddy Cole: Shoot me! Shoot me! Shoot me, you motherfucker! Shoot me! Shoot me!
    • David Duncan
      • David Duncan: There's a saying about lettin' sleeping dogs lie.
    • David Duncan & Donnie Barksdale
      • David Duncan: Mr. Barksdale, you're a wife beater, aren' you?
        Donnie Barksdale: I've swore to tell the truth here today. Yeah, I've hit Valerie before. I guess it ain't no secret.
        David Duncan: So, you admit to having a history of violence against women. You also admit to having beaten up the victim on the night that she was murdered.
        Donnie Barksdale: I wouldn't exactly say that I beat her up.
        David Duncan: You're the expert. You tell me just how badly do you have to beat a woman before it fits your description of 'beating up'?
      • David Duncan: Tell us why a beautiful young woman like Jessica King from one of the finest families in Brixton just about to be married to a good decent professional man and with a bright future in front of her- why would a woman like that get involved with something like you?
        Donnie Barksdale: I asked her that myself one time. She said I was the only man in town who knew how to fuck.
    • David Duncan & Jessica King
      • David Duncan: Somebody might come in here.
        Jessica King: I guess you better fuck me fast.
    • Donnie Barksdale
      • Donnie Barksdale: You know, I feel sorry for you and your brothers. I mean, your mama being a witch and all. If she doesn't stop her evil ways some day somebody's gonna burn her up. And then you boys are gonna be without a daddy or a mama.
      • Donnie Barksdale: What's happened to her is she's getting her head filled full of shit by a goddamn satan worshipper or a damn good con artist, one of the two!
      • Donnie Barksdale: Where you goin' son? You wanna ride in the truck?
    • Miller Wilson & Annie Wilson
      • Miller Wilson: Mama what does fuck mean?
        Annie Wilson: It's a bad word, hon, for something nice.
        Miller Wilson: But what does it mean?
        Annie Wilson: Well, it means making love. It's how your daddy and me made your brothers and you.
    • Wayne & Jessica
      • Wayne: You just fucked him, didn't you? Hmm? Donnie Barksdale?
        Jessica: So.
        Wayne: Why would you do this to me? Hmm? I love you!
        Jessica: Maybe I wanted to be with a man for a change.
        Wayne: Watch your mouth!
        Jessica: You watch your mouth! Fuck you! We're through! I don't like being spied on. The only reason I'm with you is 'cause my daddy likes you.
        Wayne: You horrible little bitch.
        Jessica: I'll show you a bitch if you don't let go of me! Let go!
    • Wayne Collins
      • Wayne Collins: I'm not some killer, Annie. I'm not. Listen to me- I'm a good man.
    • Wayne Collins & Jessica King
      • Wayne Collins: Take off your clothes.
        Jessica King: Aren't you taking yours off too?

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