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  • Awards
    • Ben Ronts Medal Of Excellence
      • John's students find an online article titled, "Dr. Arthur M. Jenkins awarded with Ben Ronts Medal of Excellence".
  • Books-Biography
    • The Longest Night: My Conversation With The Man From Earth
      • Non fiction book by John's old friend Dr. Arthur M. Jenkins.
  • Books-Fiction
    • At Home At The Edge Of Night
      • One of the books John wrote under the name Jonathan evermore that his students find in his house.
    • Everlasting Tomorrow
      • Sci-fi novel John wrote about an immortal's search for the meaning of his solitary existence.
    • Shadows Of The Cave
      • One of the books John wrote that his students find in his house.
  • Books-Nonfiction
    • Archaeology And The Bible
      • One of the books John wrote under the name John Mortem that his students find in his house.
    • Certainty And Uncertainty
      • One of the books John wrote under the name John Mortem that his students find in his house.
    • The Conquest Of Europe
      • One of the books John wrote under the name John Oldman that his students find in his house.
    • Paranthropus Boisei: Discovery And Meaning
      • One of the books John wrote under the name John Pleis that his students find in his house.
  • Churches, Religions and Religious Organizations
    • The Jubilee Christian Fellowship
      • Philip's church.
  • Colleges
    • Central Idaho College
      • Fictional college in Idaho that Violet Collsen, the woman calling Isabel back, mentions, where she knew John in 1957.
    • Chico Community College
      • Local college where John currently works as a professor.
  • Dates
    • May 13, 2006
      • Date of the only known photograph of John Oldman, taken at a faculty picnic.
    • June 8, 2016
      • Isabel Chang reaches out to John's old friend Dr. Arthur M. Jenkins.
  • Museums
    • Chico Museum Of History
      • John's girlfriend is a tour guide at the Chico Museum of History. There is a history museum in Chico, California, but it is just called the Chico History Museum.
  • Quotes
    • FBI Agent Angelo Garcetti
      • FBI Agent Angelo Garcetti: But an immortal, identity-changing serial killer... Do you think such a thing could exist?
    • John
      • John: We're all burning. Every one of us. Burning with desire. We're burning with a fire caused by what the Buddha called 'the three poisons.' Greed, anger, ignorance. Except he taught us that we can fix this. We can turn them around. And greed becomes generosity. Anger becomes compassion. And ignorance becomes wisdom. There are miracles around us all the time, he said. The fact that we are here, together, in this room, is a miracle.
      • John: Two thousand years ago, I stood on a hill in Galilee and I spoke some basic spiritual truths I'd picked up over the years. And when the gospels were written, they called me Christ. But frankly, the whole thing got a lot bigger and went in a very different direction than I ever intended. It got violent and scary and I took off. I've kept my head down ever since. And I have to move on far more often than I would like. But lately something's changed. I'm getting lines in my face, gray hair. I don't heal as fast as I used to. And I don't know if it's something in the air, or in the water, the food. Something in my blood, or DNA... or a ticking time bomb in my soul. I feel different.
      • John: I have no intention of starting a religion.
      • John: Bacon doughnuts, best invention ever.
      • John: Aquinas said faith is a divine act supernaturally bestowed. 'Ask and ye shall receive.' Kierkegaard, on the other hand, said that we must leap to faith. It's an act you must choose to perform. Kierkegaard was more demanding. Okay, he was sick of people sitting around talking about religion all day and not doing anything about it.
      • John: You can only know what you can prove. God is beyond proof, logic or reason. You can believe in God or Jesus through faith but that's different from knowing.
    • Liko
      • Liko: Isn't the Buddha kind of a hypocrite? I mean, sure, he gave up all worldly goods, his father's money, told us all to live a life of restraint and then he ended up, like, super fat.
  • Search Engines
    • PPL Seek
      • Online resource John's students use to research his past.
  • Universities
    • Santa Clarita University
      • Fictional university where John taught under a different name in California.
  • Websites
    • Noterbook
      • Book review website.
    • Santa Clarita News
      • Online news website John's students research.

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