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PET SEMATARY (16) 2019 Film
  • Cemeteries and Graveyards
    • Pet Sematary
      • Sometimes dead is better.
  • Cities and Towns - U.S.
    • Derry, Maine
      • There's a road sign on the freeway for the fictional Stephen King town.
    • Ludlow
      • The family moves to the small country town of Ludlow to slow down.
  • Dates-Annual
    • October 31
      • Jud shows Louis the remains of their cat Church on Halloween.
  • Energy Companies
    • Orinco
      • Orinco fuel trucks plow through the small town of Ludlow.
  • Newspapers
    • Ludlow Tribune
      • Local newspaper in Ludlow.
  • Quotes
    • Ellie
      • Ellie: Stop struggling, you useless cow!
    • Jud
      • Jud: Yeah, they're warnings. The local tribes carved them before they fled. They knew the power of that place. They felt its pull. They came to believe that those woods belonged to something else. That the ground was bad.
      • Jud: Once you feel the power of that place, you make up the sweetest-smelling reasons to go back. But I was wrong. Sometimes dead is better.
      • Jud: There are places in this world that are older than either of us. Places that a rational doctor brain like yours will never understand. Nobody knows what that place is, what happens in that stony ground. But the soil of a man's heart is stonier, Louis.
    • Victor Pascow
      • Victor Pascow: The barrier is not meant to be broken.
      • Victor Pascow: Your destruction and the destruction of all you love is very near, Doctor.
      • Victor Pascow: Come on, Doc. You tried to help me. Now let me help you. This is the place where the dead rest. Do not go on to the place where the dead walk. Stop! The ground is sour!
  • Realty Services
    • D. Torrance Realty
      • There's a sign for D. Torrance Realty, referencing another Stephen King character, Danny Torrance, from The Shining.
  • Thoroughfares-Streets
    • Main Street
      • Street in Ludlow, mentioned in Ludlow Tribune newspaper article.
  • Water
    • Little God Swamp
      • Swamp listed on map of Ludlow.

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