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DEAD ANT (11) 2017 Film
  • Concerts
    • Nochella
      • Music festival kind of like Coachella but not really, according to Danny, it's way more hip that Coachella. Coachella's like the Sundance Film Festival. Nobody goes to that anymore.
  • Drugs-Recreational
    • The Moon
      • Peyote product sold at the Big Fruit fruit and vegetable stand for $80.
    • The Sun
      • Peyote product sold at the Big Fruit fruit and vegetable stand for $200. The most powerful peyote you will ever take.
  • Grocery Stores
    • Big Fruit
      • Native American fresh fruit & vegetable stand that also sells peyote.
  • Musicians
    • Sonic Grave
      • Metal band, one hit wonder with their power ballad, Don't Close Your Eyes.
    • Time Warp
      • Sonic Grave briefly changed their name to Time Warp.
  • Quotes
    • Art & Daisy
      • Art: I know karate.
        Daisy: Man, you don't know shit about karate.
        Art: I took karate.
        Daisy: You took one fucking class.
        Art: I know enough. I can break a board.
        Daisy: You fucking got a splinter, man.
        Art: Yeah, but the board broke.
    • Danny
      • Danny: Hey, everybody. Danny here, a little update from the road. Right now, we're trapped in a fucking stinky tuna can with no air condition. And oh... and two guys died. Yeah. And over here, yeah, we got a broken leg on this guy over here. Yeah. And the likelihood of us making the festival is about the same likelihood as my second ex-wife taking back the herpes she gave me when she fucked the pool guy because I was on the road with you fuckers all the time. Oh, and I almost forget to mention... We're being attacked by giant ants. Yeah, something to do some cursed peyote, which I had none of, because you guys are selfish pricks!
  • Songs
    • Blow My Fuse
      • Song by Sonic Grave.
    • Don't Close Your Eyes
      • Power ballad by Sonic Grave.
    • Girl On The Street
      • Song by Sonic Grave.

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