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  • Art Galleries
    • The Cronin Gallery
      • Tim's girlfriend's Julie hosts an art exhibition for Kieran Vollard. Filmed at the Morono Kiang Gallery.
  • Artwork
    • Barry Speck
      • Artist specializing in "mouse-terpieces"
    • The Mouse-a Lisa
      • Mouse-terpiece by Barry Speck
    • My Wife's Favorite Finger
      • Sculpture Barry works on for Müeller for the Martin Müeller Museum Of Modern Art.
    • The Tower Of Dreamers
      • Massive mouse-terpiece by Barry Speck
  • Books
    • I Made You Read This!
      • Book by Barry's boss at the IRS, Thurman Murch, C.P.A.
    • Your Mind Is My Puppet
      • Book by Barry's boss at the IRS, Thurman Murch, C.P.A., available on his website for $14.99.
  • Financial Services
    • Fender Financial
      • Private equity firm that specializes in distressed assets where Tim works.
  • Manufacturing Companies
    • Müeller Armaments
      • Company that made a fortune during World War I. Now they're sitting on a bunch of bombs that even the worst armies in the world don't want. Tim makes lamps out of their old bombs to get his foot in the door with a new client.
  • Museum Exhibits
    • Metamorphosis
      • "New works by Kieran Vollard”. Art exhibit at the Cronin Gallery hosted by Tim's girlfriend Julie.
  • Museums
    • Martin Müeller Museum Of Modern Art
      • a.k.a. MMMMA. Museum that Müeller opens after the events of the movie.
  • Office Supply Stores
    • Bartlett's Taxidermy
      • Store Barry was heading for when Tim hits him with his car.
  • Parties
    • Dinner For Winners
      • Tim's boss's dinner event where everybody's supposed to bring a big loser
  • Restaurants-Other
    • Madison Restaurant
      • Restaurant where Tim meets Müeller and his wife - then ends up proposing to Darla when Barry brings her to replace Julie
  • Thoroughfares-Drives
    • Light Hill Drive
      • Address of Kieran's ranch

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