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  • Animals/Creatures
    • Xenomorph
      • Ripley, and the alien embryo she was carrying, are cloned, effectively brought back to life aboard the USM Auriga.
  • Corporations
    • Weyland-Yutani
      • Corporation behind the resurrection of Ripley and the alien queen.
  • Dates
    • December 31, 2379
      • Ellen Ripley gets cloned.
  • Quotes
    • Captain Elgyn
      • Captain Elgyn: My authorization code is E-A, T-M, E.
      • Captain Elgyn: She is severely fuckable, isn't she?
    • Ellen Ripley
      • Ellen Ripley: Who do I have to fuck to get off this boat?
      • Ellen Ripley: You're programmed to be an asshole? You're the new model asshole they're putting out?
  • Vehicles (Specific) - Space
    • Betty
      • Ship full of mercenaries
    • USM Auriga
      • Military scientists on the space vessel USM Auriga create a clone of Ellen Ripley, designated Ripley 8, using DNA from blood samples taken before her death.

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