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  • Animals/Creatures
    • Japanese Devil Owl
      • Ron needs a moment to compose himself on-air while reading a tender story about a Japanese devil owl, then another, and then another. "A lot of emotion here," he says, tearing up.
  • Banks
    • First Avenue Savings & Loan
      • Bank robbed by radical protest group The alarm clock
    • Union Square Bank
      • Bank robbed by radical protest group The alarm clock
  • Competitions
    • 2nd Annual Kitty Cat Vogue
      • Pet show Veronica covers at Pet Shack
  • Criminal Organizations
    • The Alarm Clock
      • Bank robbing radical protest group
  • Menu Items
    • Falafel Hotdogs With Cinnamon And Bacon
      • Ron: "By the way Brick, what is that you're eating?" Brick: "Oh, it's one of those delicious falafel hotdogs with cinnamon and bacon on top." Ron: "What do you mean, one of those? Those don't exist. That's a used coffee filter with cigarette butts on it." Brick: "Well, I got it out of the food basket at the end of the lunch line." Brian: "That's the garbage can."
  • Methods, Procedures and Techniques
    • Delta Charlie Charlie
      • Attack formation Ron calls out to the team
    • Gator Dirty Teacup
      • Brick's attack plan (fan out to a cobra double helix formation)
  • Newspapers
    • San Diego Chronicle
      • Local newspaper
    • The San Diego Observer
      • Local newspaper
  • Pet Stores
    • Pet Shack
      • Pet store that hosts the 2nd annual Kitty Cat Vogue pet show
  • Restaurants-Other
    • Tina's
      • Ron Burgundy's "little sanctuary" where he takes Veronica for dinner
  • Saloons
    • Red Garter Saloon
      • Bar where Ron hears Channel 9 newscast about Veronica being kidnapped
  • TV Shows
    • Rip The Lid Off Of It
      • Investigate report featuring Ron Burgundy on KVWN Channel 4
  • TV Stations-Numbers
    • Channel 02
      • KYPN TV station with local news program in San Diego. There's a news van parked outside the party.
    • Channel 04
      • KVWN TV station with local news program, featuring Ron Burgundy.
    • Channel 09
      • KQHS TV station with local news program in San Diego, featuring Wes Mantooth.

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