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SIMONE (20) 2002 Film
  • Advertising and Marketing
    • Viktor Taransky Promotions
      • Viktor's company that presents Simone's Isolation Tour
  • Computers and Software
    • Plague Ver. 8.1
      • The name of the computer virus that Viktor uploads to destroy the Simulation One computer program
    • Simulation One
      • Simone's computer program, created by Hank Aleno
  • Concerts
    • Simone Isolation Tour
      • Simone's musical tour, presented by Viktor Taransky Promotions
  • Conventions and Seminars
    • The Future Of Film Conference
      • Film conference that Simone's creator Hank Aleno mentions when he surprises Viktor on the studio lot, where they originally met
  • Film Production Companies
    • Amalgamated Film Studios
      • a.k.a. AFS. Viktor's ex-wife Elaine Christian's film studio
  • Magazines
    • Echo
      • Hollywood magazine
    • Gun Times
      • Firearm aficionado magazine featuring Simone
  • Makeup and Perfume
    • Simone The Cologne
      • No description available
  • Movies
    • Eternity Forever
      • Viktor and Simone's second film together
    • I Am Pig
      • Film starring Simone that Viktor makes to kill her career, but it backfires and her fans love it
    • Straw God
      • One of Viktor's old films that Simone's creator Hank Aleno mentions when he surprises Viktor on the studio lot
    • Sunrise, Sunset
      • Simone's debut film, directed by Viktor Taransky
  • Music Albums
    • Simone (music Album)
      • Simone's debut music album
  • Recipes
    • Pan-fried Dolphin With Garlic And Fennel
      • Dish Simone mentions on morning TV talk show Good Morning, Good Day when Viktor tries to turn her fans against her
  • Technology Companies
    • Hank Aleno Software, Inc.
      • From the end credits: "Simone wishes to thank the following for their contribution too the making of the Simone" Stylized as: HANK ALEN0 S0FTWARE, 1NC.
  • TV Shows-News
    • Frank Brand Live
      • TV news show, Simone's first televised interview (conducted remote, of course)
  • TV Shows-Talk Shows
    • Good Morning, Good Day
      • Morning TV talk show with Simone interview
  • TV Stations-News
    • VBC
      • TV news station that reports Simone is still alive after Viktor tries to kill her
  • Vehicles (Specific) - Nautical
    • S.S. Simone
      • Viktor's yacht

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