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SERENITY (26) 2005 Film
  • Android and Robot Models
    • Lovebot
      • Mr. Universe's android wife model
  • Armed Forces
    • The 57th Overlanders
      • a.k.a. the Balls and Bayonets Brigade. Mal and ZoŽ's unit in the Independent Planets' military.
    • Independent Army
      • a.k.a. Browncoats
    • Reavers
      • No description available
  • Bars and Night Clubs
    • The Maidenhead
      • Bar on Beaumonde where Mal and Jayne met Fanty and Mingo.
  • Cities and Towns
    • Whitefall: K-3 Mining Post
      • One of the places destroyed by The Alliance
  • Food
    • Fruity Oaty Bars
      • Advertisement seen on the screen in the Maidenhead, one of the carriers for the subliminal Alliance signal intended to seek out River Tam after her escapes.
  • Government Entities and Agencies/Bureaus/Councils
    • The Alliance
      • No description available
  • Medicine Products
    • Calaphar
      • Medicine Simon says he needs for Kaylee
    • Delcium
      • Medication doctor mentions giving to River shortly before Simon rescues her. Doctor Mathias: "Let's amp it up. Delcium, eight-drop."
    • G-23 Paxilon Hydrochlorate
      • a.k.a. The Pax. Chemical compound added to the air processors in order to pacify the populace, by the Union of Allied Planets. Effective with 99.9% of people. It was such an effective means of pacifying that the people stopped doing anything, they simply waited for death. However, a small portion had the opposite reaction - they became highly aggressive, committing unspeakable acts including cannibalism, rape, and self-mutilation. These people would come to be known as Reavers.
  • Moons
    • Haven
      • Moon orbiting the planet Deadwood in the Blue Sun system, the final home of Shepherd Book.
  • Planets
    • Beaumonde
      • No description available
    • Boros
      • One of the places destroyed by The Alliance
    • Deadwood
      • Planet in the Blue Sun system with a moon named Haven, the final home of Sherpherd Book.
    • Earth-that-was
      • No description available
    • Miranda
      • Experimental colony where the Alliance tried to chemically modify its populace to be peaceful.
  • Political Parties
    • The Independents
      • No description available
  • Products-Other
    • Capissen 38 Mark II
      • Engine Kaylee tells Simon to watch out for when he and River are planning to depart Serenity. "They fall right out of the sky."
  • Repair Services
    • Sanchez Ship Repair And Storage
      • One of the places destroyed by The Alliance
  • Space Locations-Other
    • The Burnham Quadrant
      • Location of the planet Miranda
  • Star Systems
    • The Blue Sun System
      • Star system
  • Vehicle Models - Space
    • Firefly
      • Class of Mal's ship Serenity
  • Vehicles (Specific) - Cars and Trucks
    • The Mule
      • Serenity's hovercraft
  • Vehicles (Specific) - Space
    • Serenity
      • Mal's ship
  • Websites
    • The Cortex
      • A complex interplanetary computer network that Mal uses to transmit the information about Miranda.

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