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10 CLOVERFIELD LANE (16) 2016 Film
  • Alternate Titles
    • The Cellar
      • Cloverfield Lane originally titled "The Cellar", before joining the Cloververse
  • Communications Companies
    • BRT
      • Michelle's network carrier, as seen on her phone.
  • Convenience Stores and Gas Stations
    • Kelvin
      • Gas station
  • Corporations
    • Tagruato
      • Corporation that owns Bold Futura, the name on an envelope in Howard Stambler's Bunker. Howard used to work there.
  • Hospitals
    • Mercy Hospital
      • Houston hospital mentioned on radio broadcast
  • Magazines-Adult
    • Teenagers
      • Magazines in Howard's bunker
  • Movies
    • Cannibal Airlines
      • VHS movie in Howard's bunker
  • Quotes
    • Howard
      • Howard: One chance to answer with some dignity or I swear you're going into this barrel while you're still alive to feel the pain!
      • Howard: I know that this isn't the life that you prefer, and that it's been hard for you to come down here... but I really want us to be a happy family, you and me. The mess is all taken care of... so, I'll go get dinner started.
      • Howard: People are strange creatures. You can't always convince them that safety is in their best interest.
      • Howard: Crazy is building your ark after the flood has already come.
  • Technology Companies
    • Bold Futura
      • Subsidiary of the Tagruato company: Bold Futura is the contractor sector of our company principally engaged in the conception, design, manufacture and integration of advanced technology products. Our engineering technology is the most superior of its kind. A machine made with Bold Futura parts works where others fall to pieces. A vehicle made with Bold Futura equipment will travel where others cannot reach. Our unique ability to function in areas of severe temperature or pressure can have desirable implications for our clients. In the past, Bold Futura has partnered with military organizations, space exploration institutions, and arms manufacturers. Confidentiality is the first pillar of Bold Futura. We keep the identities, orders, and intentions of our patrons strictly to ourselves."
  • Thoroughfares-Lanes
    • Cloverfield Lane
      • Street.
  • Thoroughfares-Other
    • Palace Plaza
      • Address of Bold Futura in Marunouchi, Japan
  • Trivia

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