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MEET JOE BLACK (12) 1998 Film
  • Coffee Shops
    • Corinth Coffee Shop
      • No description available
  • Communications Companies
    • Parrish Communications
      • Mr. Parrish's corporation
  • Quotes
    • Allison
      • Allison: I should have my head examined again.
    • Drew
      • Drew: We all know this deal is as certain as death and taxes.
    • Joe Black
      • Joe Black: Should you choose to test my resolve in this matter, you will be facing a finality beyond your comprehension, and you will not be counting days, or months, or years, but millenniums in a place with no doors.
      • Joe Black: Careful Bill, you'll give yourself a heart attack and ruin my vacation.
    • William Parrish
      • William Parrish: Don't blow smoke up my ass, it will ruin my autopsy.
      • William Parrish: 65 years. Don't they go by in a blink?
      • William Parrish: Love is passion. Obsession. Someone you can't live without. Someone you fall head over heels for. Find someone you can love like crazy, and will love you the same way back. Listen to your heart. No sense in life without this. To make the journey without falling deeply in love, you haven't lived a life at all. You have to try, because if you haven't tried, then you haven't lived.
      • William Parrish: Trust, responsibility, taking the weight for your choices and feelings, and spending the rest of your life living up to them. And above all, not hurting the object of your love.
      • William Parrish: When I introduce you, and I tell them who you are, I don't think anyone will stay for dinner.
      • William Parrish: You're at the wrong place at the wrong time with the wrong woman!

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