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  • Cities and Towns - U.S.
    • New Vegas, Thailand
      • No description available
  • Prisons
    • New York Maximum Security Penitentiary
      • In 1988, following a 400% increase in crime, the United States government has turned Manhattan into a giant maximum-security prison. A 50-foot containment wall surrounds the island, and routes out of Manhattan have been dismantled or mined, while armed helicopters patrol the rivers, and all prisoners there are sentenced to life, with no means of leaving.
  • Quotes
    • Bob Hauk
      • Bob Hauk: It's the survival of the human race, Plissken. Something you don't give a shit about.
    • Bob Hauk & Snake Plissken
      • Bob Hauk: Remember, once you're inside you're on your own.
        Snake Plissken: Oh, you mean I can't count on you
        Bob Hauk: No.
        Snake Plissken: Good!
      • Bob Hauk: We'd make one hell of a team Snake
        Snake Plissken: The name's Plissken.
      • Bob Hauk: You going to kill me now, Snake?
        Snake Plissken: I'm too tired. Maybe later.
      • Bob Hauk: I'm not a fool, Plissken!
        Snake Plissken: Call me Snake.
    • Brain
      • Brain: They're savages, Mr. President.
    • The Duke
      • The Duke: They sent in their best man, and when we roam out the 69th street bridge tomorrow, on our way to freedom, we're going to have their best man leading the way, from the neck up!
    • The President
      • The President: God save me, and watch over you all.
      • The President: Good evening. Although I shall not be present at this historic summit meeting, I present this in the hope that our great nations may learn to live in peace.
    • Snake Plissken
      • Snake Plissken: I don't give a fuck about your war. or your president.

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