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PUTNEY SWOPE (7) 1969 Film
  • Advertising and Marketing
    • Truth and Soul, Inc.
      • After renaming the advertising business, the only black man on the executive board of an advertising board, Putney Swope, replaces all but one of the white employees with blacks and insists they no longer accept business from companies that produce alcohol, tobacco or toy guns.
  • Beverages-Beer
    • Harvey's Beer
      • An advertising company brings in a consultant when the beer product that they represent is losing money, who informs them that beer is about men feeling inferior, prompting them to propose several new slogans, including: "Make it big with Harvey's Beer"
  • Breakfast Cereal
    • Ethereal Cereal
      • Jim Keranga of Watts, California is eating a bowl of Ethereal Cereal, the heavenly breakfast... Jim, did you know that Ethereal has 25% more riboflavin than any other cereal on the market? Ethereal also packs the added punch of .002 ESP units of pectin.
  • Personal Care Products
    • Superlip
      • Superlip eliminates peach fuzz and feminine whiskers. Superlip digs deep down into the hair follicles instead of just lopping it off at the surface.
  • Pest Control Products
    • The Get Out of Here Mousetrap
      • A unique breakthrough, because after it traps a rodent, it chemically cremates. No flame, no noise, no mouse.
  • Toy Products
    • Junior Miss Flamethrower
      • Toy gun made by the Audie Murphy Toy Company that runs on ordinary lighter fluid.
  • Toy Stores
    • Audie Murphy Toy Company
      • Maker of the Junior miss flamethrower that runs on ordinary lighter fluid.

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