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  • Amusement Parks
    • Arnie's World Of Fun
      • Amusement park where Jimmy works out of the basement - also where the guys throw Doug his bachelor party
  • Bars and Night Clubs
    • The Walleye Nook
      • Where Dickerson performs as a lounge singer in his groomsman cover story
  • Books
    • The Way Of Wonder
      • In his groomsman cover story, Ira Drysdale is working on his first book called The Way of Wonder
  • Churches, Religions and Religious Organizations
    • St. Michael's
      • Church Jimmy mentions during his cover story
  • Colleges
    • Bardonia Community College
      • In his groomsman cover story, Ira Drysdale teaches philosophy at Bardonia Community College
  • Doctors
    • Abe Carew
      • In his groomsman cover story, Carew is a podiatrist in Knoxville
  • High Schools
    • A.J. Wilson High School
      • Where Jimmy claims he went to school as the the only Ethiopian Jew when he speaks at the funeral
  • Legal Services
    • Hobie Plunkett
      • In his groomsman cover story, Plunkett is a lawyer
  • Middle Schools
    • Saint Peter's Middle School
      • In his groomsman cover story, Mitchell Rambis is principal at Saint Peter's Middle School in Provo, Utah
  • Musicians
    • Francis Dickerson
      • In his groomsman cover story, Dickerson is a lounge singer from Canada. He performs four nights a week at the Walleye Nook
  • Services-Other
    • TBM, Inc.
      • The Best Man, Inc. - Jimmy's business. Packages include: The Single Wing Ring Man (just the wedding), The Bronze Bow Tie (All festivities for the wedding weekend), The Silver Cuff Link (Includes everything that comes with the Bronze Bow Tie package, plus 3 additional three groomsmen). Throw in an extra thousand for a bachelor party. Oh, and then there's the purely theoretical Golden Tux, which is what Doug needs.
  • Youth Camps
    • Camp Wampacheempi
      • Camp where groomsman met Doug in cover story

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