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DUDE, WHERE'S MY CAR? (12) 2000 Film
  • Amusement Parks
    • Captain Stu's Space-O-Rama
      • Entertainment center (miniature golf, go-karts, video game arcade, etc.) where Jesse and Chester find the briefcase full of money in one of the lockers.
  • Automotive Services
    • County Impound Tow Service
      • Dude, where's my car?
  • Bakeries
    • Frenchie Donut House
      • Where Jesse and Chester bought donuts for the entire precinct between midnight and 2am.
  • Churches, Religions and Religious Organizations
    • The Keepers Of The Continuum Transfunctioner
      • No description available
  • Classes and Subjects
    • Uncle Nakamura's Two Hour Intensive Japanese Language Class
      • No description available
  • Electronics
    • Continuum Transfunctioner
      • A very mysterious and powerful device. Its mystery is only exceeded by its power.
  • Food
    • Swirl-o Pudding
      • 18th Hole Super Pudding Give-A-Way at Captain Stu's Space-O-Rama. Sink a hole-in-one and win a lifetime supply of pudding!
  • Laundry, Dry Cleaning and Tailoring
    • Mr. Lee Chinese Tailor
      • Where Jesse and Chester get their new special Adidas track suits with secret pockets (one of which contains the continuum transfunctioner - a very special Rubik's Cube with the power to destroy the universe).
  • Pizza Parlors
    • Mr. Pizzacoli's
      • No description available
  • Restaurants-Asian
    • Chinese Foooood
      • And then?
  • Schools-Other
    • St. Margaret's School For Blind Boys
      • No description available
  • Strip Clubs
    • Kitty Kat Club
      • Strip Club. Home of the wrong transsexual stripper to screw with.

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