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  • Antiques, Gift and Novelty Shops
    • Brooklyn Antiques
      • Cover store for Dr. Erskine's laboratory in New York City.
  • Armed Forces
    • S.H.I.E.L.D.
      • S.H.I.E.L.D. scientists in the Arctic uncover Captain America's frozen body in The Valkyrie, The Red Skull's airship from WWII.
  • Artifacts
    • Mjolnir
      • Thor's magic hammer, pictured only.
    • Space Stone
      • The blue Infinity Stone inside the Tesseract.
  • Criminal Organizations
    • HYDRA
      • Hitler's research division, led by the brilliant scientist Johann Schmidt (The Red Skull).
  • Dates
    • July 4, 1918
      • Date of birth on Steve Rogers' enlistment form.
    • May 11, 1941
      • Steve Rogers attends a Dodgers game against the Phillies in Brooklyn, New York.
    • June 14, 1943
      • Steve Rogers denied enlistment. Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes attend Howard Stark's World Exposition of Tomorrow. Dr. Abraham Erskine decides to recruit Rogers as a candidate for the super-soldier experiment.
    • June 21, 1943
      • Dr. Abraham Erskine tells Steve Rogers about Johann Schmidt and how he got the Super Soldier Serum. He also tells him to be a good man rather than a perfect soldier.
    • June 22, 1943
      • Dr. Abraham Erskine injects Steve Rogers with Super Soldier Serum. A HYDRA spy shoots and kills Dr. Erskine.
    • June 23, 1943
      • Date of The New York Examiner headline: NAZIS IN NEW YORK. MYSTERY MAN SAVES CHILD.
  • Electronics
    • Stark Gravitic Reversion Technology
      • Technology Howard Stark claims will revolutionize automobiles, turning them into hovering cars.
  • Fairs, Festivals and Parades
    • Stark Expo
      • Exposition located in Queens, New York City, that brings minds together from around the world and combines them to try and develop new inventions to improve quality of life for mankind and the world in the future.
  • Industrial Companies
    • Stark Industries
      • Howard Stark's company.
  • Institutes
    • Strategic Scientific Reserve
      • a.k.a. SSR. A top-secret Allied war agency during World War II that was formed to battle the Nazi special weapons division, HYDRA.
  • Military Bases
    • Camp Lehigh
      • US Army base.
  • Substances
    • Vibranium
      • It's stronger than steel and a third the weight. It's completely vibration absorbent.
  • Taxi Service
    • Lucky Star Cab Company
      • Cap uses a door from a Lucky Star cab as a shield in 1945
  • Vehicles (Specific) - Aircraft
    • The Valkrie
      • Johann Schmidt's super bomber, a plane that adapted characteristics of both prop planes and stealth bombers, equipped to launch suicide drone bombs which doubled as auxiliary propellers.

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