Exact order 
SOURCES (6,265)
  • Bars and Night Clubs
    • Freeway
      • Nightclub that gets shot up
  • Cafes and Delis
    • Terminal Cafe
      • Backdrop sign Calden crashes through when he's driving the minivan with the family inside that he commandeered
  • Energy Companies
    • Hollywood Waste
      • Dumpster Sartain falls into from building roof
  • Legal Services
    • Marty Wheeler
      • attorney from the music business
  • Liquor Stores
    • Terminal Liquor
      • Backdrop sign Calden crashes through when he's driving the minivan with the family inside that he commandeered
  • Movies
    • Nasty
      • The screenplay that Silk gives Calden at the recording studio
  • Musicians
    • H2OKlick
      • Rap group gunned down at club Freeway
    • Klepto
      • Rap artist that used to be signed to Sartain Records
    • Outwit
      • Rapper signed to Sartain Records
  • Plumbing Services
    • Pacifica Plumbing And Heating
      • Police front van watching Gavilan's place
  • Radio Programs
    • Ruby The Night Owl
      • Gavilan's girlfriend's radio show
  • Radio Stations
    • KNBS 104.6 FM
      • Ruby's radio station
  • Realty Services
    • Gavilan Realty
      • John's side business
  • Record Companies
    • Sartain Records
      • H2OKlick's record company
  • Taxi Service
    • Hollywood Yellow Cab
      • Taxi Gavilan commandeers
  • Theater Productions
    • Scenes From A Streetcar Named Desire With K.C. Calden
      • No description available
  • TV Stations
    • KTBV
      • TV station covering nightclub shooting

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