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  • Beauty and Barber Shops
    • Lashawanda's Beauty Salon
      • Where TJ takes Deuce to clean him up so he can be a man-whore.
  • Cafes and Delis
    • Sunset Plaza Cafe
      • No description available
  • Dating, Escort and Sex Services
    • Deuce Bigalow, Male Gigolo
      • No description available
    • Very Gay Escort Service
      • The company Deuce claims he works for so he won't have to sleep with the very large black woman.
  • Fraternities and Sororities
    • Alpha Beta Lambda
      • The girls that chip in to get their friend a date are members of the Alpha Beta Lambda sorority.
  • Home Maintenance Services
    • Deuce Bigalow, Pool Cleaner
      • No description available
  • Private Schools for Girls
    • The Dicklick Shitballs School For Girls
      • No description available
  • Quotes
    • Deuce Bigalow
      • Deuce Bigalow: If you like, I could stick around for a while. Every kid needs a father.
    • T.J. Hicks
      • T.J. Hicks: I should just he-whore man-slap you. You ungrateful he-bitch!
  • Toy Products
    • Fast Food Trivia
      • The board game Deuce plays with the very large black woman after he tells her that he's gay.
  • TV Shows
    • Hangin' with Mr. Man-Pimp
      • The sitcom TJ goes on to star in after the story ends.
  • Youth Programs
    • Girls of America
      • The equivalent of Girl Scouts of America. One shows up selling cookies while Deuce is trying to figure out how to get porn off the big screen tv.

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